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The SuiteCommerce Experience provides a flexible, incredibly fast and open webstore front-end solution enabling richly branded, highly personalised and engaging shopping experiences that will delight your customers, drive conversion and grow your business.

Built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript architecture, the SuiteCommerce Experience layer supports pixel-perfect design, unlimited layout control and the ability to provide rich commerce experiences across all devices and touchpoints, creating a true omnichannel solution.

Key Benefits

  • Design the most intuitive and relevant experiences with capabilities such as dynamic imaging, zooms and alternate images, quick views, product comparisons and more
  • Provide your shoppers a consistent brand experience by maintaining full branding and creative control over your site
  • Convert your shoppers into customers with blasing fast shopping experiences
  • Extend your relationship with your customers to any device and channel, including smartphones and tablets.

Key Features

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Responsive Web Design

  • Responsive web design techniques provide customers a branded, seamless and optimised experience across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Submit meta, image and page title tags for each of your pages within NetSuite's content management system
  • Use SEO-friendly descriptive URLs and breadcrumbs
  • Customise meta keywords, descriptions and titles for each product and category.

Search and Faceted Navigation

  • High performance Solr search provides lightning-fast speed and relevant search results
  • Fast and intuitive faceted navigation enables shoppers to quickly and effortlessly find products by narrowing items by categories and attributes including price and color.

Dynamic Merchandising

  • SuiteCommerce's correlation engine powers merchandising zones based on rich customer profiles and purchasing behavior
  • Leverage sophisticated merchandising rules for upsells and cross-sells to increase average order size.

Interactive Shopping Features

  • Improve the shopping experience by leveraging engaging shopping features such as mini cart, quick view, product compare, product zoom and image resising.

High Performance and CDN

  • Fast and scalable edge caching and content delivery network (CDN) leveraging Akamai technology.

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