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Recognise, Reward and Market to Your Cross-Channel Shoppers

Retailers need an effective marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) solution to satisfy shoppers and compete in today’s competitive retail market. A complete 360-degree view of every customer in every channel provides the insight you need to deliver personalised service, build customer loyalty and increase revenue.

With a single data repository for your entire enterprise, you can track and segment customers to deliver personalised marketing at physical points of sale or over a desktop, smartphone, tablet or call centre. Leverage the single customer view to create 1:1 offers and instant promotions, target segmented groups for repeat business and increase average sale size.

Key Benefits

  • Generate a single view of a customer across all channels for complete visibility into all past online, in-store and call center transactions and interactions
  • Build rich customer profiles based on behaviours and interactions—online, in store and on the phone—that can be made available to sales, marketing and support personnel
  • Segment and manage customer lists and develop targeted offers
  • Create, execute, manage and analyse campaign performance across channels
  • Drive cross-sell and upsell revenue with personalised marketing at the point of sale and online
  • Easily view sale and campaign performance using role based dashboards
  • Manage mobile, search engine, and affiliate marketing.

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Key Features

Email Marketing

  • Manage the end-to-end mass email process in one system, including database building and management, target segment list creation, creation and hosting of HTML and text-only creative and registration forms, campaign execution and campaign performance analysis
  • Take advantage of the latest industry best practices with email personalisation, list deduping and spam-compliant auto-unsubscribe capabilities
  • Continuously optimise performance by measuring your campaign effectiveness in real time across the entire funnel, from opens to clicks, leads, order transactions and revenue.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Get high rankings in search engines for both static HTML and dynamically generated web pages
  • Create search-engine-friendly pages with customisable title, meta and image-alt tags
  • Use short search-engine-friendly descriptive URLs for dynamic pages, stripping out unnecessary information and unrecognisable special characters
  • Pull relevant information from online catalogs, including product names and categories, and automatically place them for intuitive navigation and search engine friendliness in title, meta and image-alt tags and breadcrumbs
  • Customise SEO tags on each page and create permanent (301) redirects.
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Paid Search Marketing

  • Accurately track and manage your paid search marketing campaigns down to the keyword and search engine, in real time
  • Perform closed-loop analysis of leads driven by individual paid search terms, from the time they turn into a lead all the way through actual purchase; even report downstream transactions such as upsell and returns from those leads.

Online Coupons and Promotions

  • Convert more visitors to sales by offering discount coupons and promotions
  • Create and distribute coupons based on a dollar or percentage discount, or offer free shipping promotions
  • Restrict the items to which the coupon applies and determine minimum order amounts
  • Limit coupons to a single use per customer
  • Create and enforce expiration dates for coupons
  • Track coupon and promotion effectiveness and ROI.

Online Lead Forms

  • Build a variety of forms quickly and easily, from event sign-ups and online order forms to new lead forms and customer case forms
  • Strengthen your database with automatic deduplication detection upon submission and instantly populate leads into your CRM system.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Track how many leads and sales are generated by each affiliate and easily determine the commissions they're due
  • Create promotional discounts associated with specific affiliates
  • Allow affiliates to view the leads and sales they've generated.

Campaign Management Reporting

  • Track the results of all your marketing programmes—by programme type, lead source and promotions—in real time
  • Improve your marketing ROI by pinpointing how much revenue you receive from each lead source/referrer and keyword advertisement
  • Track returning leads and customers and determine how they’re navigating through your site
  • Optimise your marketing spending by accessing data on actual revenue per visitor and revenue per customer for each referrer or keyword.

Increase Cross-Sell and Upsell Revenue

  • With a single, unified customer database create target segments for highly focused, personalised upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions
  • Display automatic upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on what other customers have purchased
  • Use simple built-in report query tools to target customers by their past purchase histories, marketing activity, demographics, or other segmentation.

Marketing Analytics

  • Track the results of all your marketing programmes—by programme type, lead source, and promotions
  • Improve your marketing ROI by pinpointing how much revenue you receive from each lead source/referrer and keyword advertisement.

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