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Single, Unified Commerce System

NetSuite commerce solutions are natively integrated with the systems of record you use to run your business—ERP/financials, CRM, order management, and inventory and warehousing capabilities. This allows you to optimise profitability, reduce operational costs, build customer satisfaction and seize opportunities for growth without spending a fortune integrating your commerce solution with your back-end business systems.

Key Benefits

Business Solutions

  • Manage online and offline channels with one version of the truth across inventory, finance and accounting, sales, marketing and support
  • Eliminate costly and error-prone integrations between separate systems with natively integrated commerce, order management and warehouse management.

Key Features


Retailers need an effective marketing solution to satisfy shoppers and compete in today's competitive retail market. A complete 360-degree view of every customer in every channel provides the insight you need to deliver personalised service, build customer loyalty and increase revenue.
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Optimise the movement of inventory and information and streamline your back-end processes to efficiently manage the inbound and outbound movement of inventory, improving productivity and customer service across your multichannel retail business.
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Shipping and Fulfilment

Complete centralisation of customer, order, invoice and shipping information helps retailers dramatically reduce fulfilment errors and eliminate the costs of reconciling shipping information. » Learn more

Order Management

Monitor orders and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with real-time dashboards and detail reports. Improve customer satisfaction by providing online self-service access to order and delivery information as well as payments. » Learn more

Global Commerce

Conduct commerce around the globe with multi-language, multi-currency and multi-country stores. Efficiently manage international and cross-store operations and consolidate the entire breadth of commerce business activities. » Learn more

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