Leaner Manufacturing and Manufacturing Resource Planning

Enhanced Manufacturing Productivity and Decision-Making

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition gives you real-time visibility across your entire organisation, enabling superior manufacturing resource planning (MRP), leaner manufacturing production processes and better supply chain management.

With NetSuite, you can manage your production schedules, inventory, capacity and customer satisfaction levels more efficiently, dynamically and profitably.


  • Reduce complexity and inefficiency with a complete manufacturing solution that enables seamless business from customers' orders to manufacturing to shipping and order tracking
  • Enable dynamic and intelligent demand planning, integrated inventory management, and procurement management—all in one system
  • Reduce lag between your customers' demands and your ability to re-plan your manufacturing resources, reducing inventory on-hand while reducing stock-outs and improving SLAs
  • Gain more control over your business with real-time business intelligence that tracks manufacturing KPIs constantly
  • Producing easily customisable reports and role-specific dashboards that allow you to become more nimble and make better decisions anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Assembly Management

    • Manage component quantities and multi-level assemblies more effectively by building on NetSuite's core strengths in inventory and warehouse management
    • Build multi-level assemblies one level at a time or all at once.
  • Work Orders

    • Replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods or special-order work built to exact specifications for a particular customer
    • Create work orders from sales orders
    • Continuously monitor stock levels for automatic re-stocking and re-ordering, for instance, auto-generating purchase orders to support just-in-time (JIT) re-ordering.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

    • Cover all of the components required for a single assembly, as well as the components required by a particular work order, with NetSuite's multi-level BOM functionality
    • Include assembly instructions with the printable BOM in PDF format.
  • Demand Planning

    • Improve forecasting accuracy and sharpen your responsiveness to customer demand by taking into account both sales order and forecasted demands
    • Rapidly boost profitability with improved days on-hand (DOH) inventory reporting.
  • Product History Tracking

    • Maintain a complete history within NetSuite for each product assembly and kit so that your warehouses can more efficiently track component levels and manage raw materials, WIP and finished product inventories
    • View final products as individual units or with all components listed and serialised
    • Tear down builds and reuse components if needed.
  • Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP)

    • The NetSuite MRP engine uses industry-proven algorithms and will proceed level-by-level through the bill of materials (BOM) starting with the top level, reviewing the demands and safety stock requirements and netting out the inventory and firmed (or greater) supplies
    • The review process also covers first suggested reschedules for firmed (or greater) supplies and then creates planned supplies as appropriate.
  • Production Engineering

    • NetSuite Production Engineering ensures that changes propagate effectively and intelligently, and that engineering changes are reflected in down-stream deliverables, plans, and inventories
    • Capabilities include item master maintenance, bill of material maintenance, item and bill of material revision control, and engineering change control.
  • Shop Floor Control

    • Leverage NetSuite's 360-degree visibility to gain more control over WIP and manufacturing operations and management—with real-time status updates and seamless data capture to help track, manage, and optimise cycle times
    • Manage the lifecycle of the work order and the routing that's used as a basis for defining the steps or processes that are required in item assembly and manufacture.
  • Project Control

    • Enhance your P/L variance with NetSuite's deep analytics and tracking controls, which help you understand planned vs. actuals in ways that drive business success
    • NetSuite's Project Control capability also enables inventory control tracking as well as planning and costing of items
    • Plan, cost and track by "item within a project" in discrete manufacturing operations where all planning, costing and tracking is based on "item numbers."
  • Multi-Division and Multisite

    • Extend manufacturing efficiencies to multiple plants in different locations—even throughout the world
    • Support multiple companies, even if those have multiple divisions with multiple manufacturing sites
    • Support division-level MRP and inter-site requirements planning with costs processes managed and tracked within divisions
    • Vary planning policies and inventory policies by division, allowing you to manage your manufacturing business as either a centralised or decentralised engineering and purchasing operation.

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