Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment

Improve Inventory Profitability and Streamline Shipping Processes

NetSuite saves manufacturers countless hours of work associated with data entry, order management, inventory management and demand fulfillment. Because NetSuite integrates all of these functions into a single cloud computing application, you'll be able to convert forecasts to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with unprecedented efficiency.

Additionally, NetSuite enhances warehouse order fulfillment, packing and shipping processes. NetSuite's integration with UPS, FedEx®, and USPS allows you to transmit your order information directly to the shippers and instantly receive back the rate, tracking number and address verification—and print shipping labels.

You can improve your inventory profitability by associating item costs with related expenses, calculating complete landed costs and factoring in expenses such as shipping or duty.


  • Reduce inventory, increase turns and minimise stock-outs to run your business smarter and leaner
  • Understand and track key inventory items and be alerted at key points to re-order
  • Track key inventory items and be alerted at key points to re-order
  • Pick-and-pack based on bin and lot information, thus minimising re-orders, ensuring efficient operations and ensuring high customer SLAs
  • Optimise your demand planning, inventory management, shipping (FedEx®, UPS, and USPS) and procurement management—with a single cloud computing application.

Key Features

  • Advanced, Multi-Location Inventory

    • Reduce complexity by integrating your advanced inventory needs—including multi-location inventory, multiple units of measure, lot tracking, serialised inventory and specific costing—under one cloud-based application
    • Provide higher customer service levels with NetSuite's sophisticated tools for accurate, cost-effective inventory management
    • Integrate and leverage middleware applications for bar coding, RFID and additional data capture types.
  • Bin Management

    • Improve warehouse inventory handling with NetSuite's bin management capabilities
    • Receive inventory at the warehouse and put it away into preferred bins within the warehouse's rack system for easy picking later during the order fulfillment process.
  • Order Management with Advanced Shipping

    • Leverage the only cloud-based application with integrated order management that links front-office CRM with back-office accounting/ERP
    • Fulfill orders directly through pick, pack and ship, or indirectly drop-ship items by automatically ordering and transporting items from the vendor to your customer.
  • Integrated UPS, FedEx®, and USPS with Tracking

    • Check real-time shipping rates, generate tracking numbers, validate destination addresses and print shipping labels—all from within NetSuite
    • Get real-time visibility into UPS, FedEx® or USPS tracking systems, which are integrated into NetSuite and accessible to both your employees' custom dashboards and customers via 24/7 self-service centers powered by NetSuite.
  • Integrated Returns Management Authorisation (RMA)

    • Efficiently manage your return process and provide full visibility to your customers, ending headaches caused by customer returns
    • Allow both customer service representatives and customers to generate return management authorisation (RMA) forms and route them for approval, simplifying and speeding the process.
  • Visibility Across Your Entire Organisation

    • Get current, real-time data on your dashboard that reflects "a single version of the truth"—the key to making informed decisions
    • Know right away if a process has been broken, so that you resolve the situation before it affects other aspects of your business.

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