Website Hosting

Secure Website Hosting with the Flexibility to Deliver the Fresh, Personalised Content Your Customers Want

NetSuite's comprehensive website hosting capabilities will set you free—free to focus on growing your business, not managing your website. NetSuite website hosting provides the peace of mind you get with a secure data center, while reducing the costs associated with a dedicated IT staff needed to maintain your site and the ongoing investment in hardware and software that it runs on.

NetSuite website design tools give you the power to build a dynamic, database-driven website from the ground up—or improve your current site with NetSuite's flexible content and ecommerce site management capabilities. NetSuite allows you to create as many separate websites as you want—and manage all of them in one single, integrated account, maintaining one consistent set of operations and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to drive sales.


  • Streamline your business with a secure website hosting solution that seamlessly integrates your webstores, shipping, inventory, billing, sales, marketing, and accounting—providing you with real-time visibility and business intelligence across your enterprise
  • Increase conversion rates by quickly updating the content of your website and creating relevant, personalised content and pricing for each customer
  • Expand your revenue opportunities globally by creating as many separate websites as you want—all over the world—and manage all of the stores in a single, integrated account.

Key Features

  • Website Hosting

    • Ensure that your website is always in sync with the rest of your business—whether we host your website for you or you host it with another provider—thanks to NetSuite's database-driven content
    • Create personalised content and pricing for each customer; display different items, pricing and content to different customers based on their price level, customer grouping or purchase history
    • Host your own customised HTML pages using NetSuite's customisable publishing tools
    • Manage product lists, images, product availability, languages and more with NetSuite's powerful database-driven capabilities.
  • Online Forms

    • Build a variety of forms quickly and easily—ranging from event sign-ups and online order forms to new lead forms and customer case forms.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    • Improve your search engine rankings with built-in SEO tools
    • Submit meta, image and page title tags for each of your pages within NetSuite's content management system
    • Generate traffic for your online store with search-engine-friendly catalogs
    • Strip out unnecessary information on dynamic pages, creating search-engine-friendly URLs while still providing personalised content.
  • Multi-Website/Multi-Country/Multi-Currency Support

    • Give each site its own product set, domain name, branding, look and feel, shopping rules, store-specific shopping carts and "my account" areas for customers
    • Sell in multiple currencies from a single webstore, or set a default currency per store
    • Allow shoppers to select their currencies from drop-down menus and switch between currencies
    • Automatically handle local sales tax for multiple regions
    • Manage multiple languages, enabling shoppers to select their language of choice from a drop-down menu.
  • Comprehensive Web Analytics

    • Tie traditional web metrics with transaction data and specific customer activity data
    • Use built-in reports to find out how your customers found you, what they visited on your site, and the exact revenue generated from referrers and search engine keywords
    • Get insight into site traffic and cart abandonment.

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