The Ultimate Platform for Business Process Customisation & Verticalisation

Your Business, Your Suite SuiteFlex is the technology toolkit for customisation, verticalisation, and business process automation within NetSuite BOS platform. SuiteFlex gives customers, partners and developers all the tools they need to easily customise all aspects of NetSuite.

You Can Tailor NetSuite to Meet Your Exact Business Requirements

  • Customise end-to-end business processes to your precise company and industry requirements
  • Build the new functionality, workflows and processes your business demands
  • Connect to legacy and third party applications and content providers
  • Personalise roles to optimize individual and team productivity
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Developers Can Customise, Extend, and Build Applications within and on Top of NetSuite

  • Customise functions and processes to exact industry requirements
  • Build and sell entirely new business processes
  • Build and sell entirely new vertical applications

Personalise and configure NetSuite with easy-to-use, point-and-click tools.

Build new functions, processes, and entire applications and host them in NetSuite.

Seamlessly extend NetSuite to legacy systems and third-party vertical applications.

SuiteFlex Benefits

Unlimited Customisation. No more settling for a "one size fits all" hosted application solution. SuiteFlex transforms NetSuite into your company's software, complete with your terminology, your functions and business processes.
Easy Verticalisation. Verticalisation to your industry-specific needs has never been easier.
Customisations Don't Break. Customisations and extensions carry forward seamlessly with upgrades, making maintenance nightmares a thing of the past.
Open. Standards-based Web Services make it simpler to extend NetSuite to other systems, vertical solutions, and third party add-on capabilities.
Reliable. Applications you build using SuiteFlex are hosted within NetSuite — which comes complete with a 99.5% uptime guarantee, robust Oracle & J2EE architecture and world-class security infrastructure.

No On-Demand Application Service Is More Customisable or Extensible

SuiteFlex makes NetSuite the world's most customisable and extensible on-demand application service, delivering unique capabilities not found in any other on-demand solution.

SuiteBuilder overcomes the hurdles of customisation, allowing users to focus on "Click Not Code." Configuration capability is point and click enabled for everything from simple database field additions to form customisation to complex, data object manipulations.
Many-to-many data relationships between both standard and custom records and objects give you complete flexibility in managing additional mission critical data
Customise, automate or create new business processes that fit your needs using SuiteScript.
SuiteTalk extends and integrates your NetSuite application while maintaining full data integrity and enforcing application logic.
In depth support for ERP and CRM objects using uniform APIs makes it easy to reuse your integration tools and resources across distinct business functions.
In depth support for ERP and CRM objects using uniform APIs makes it easy to reuse your integration tools and resources across distinct business functions.
Suitelets, the latest addition to the SuiteScript family, encompasses all previous customisation and scripting functionality into a new set of APIs, giving you an unprecedented platform to invent and deploy new applications hosted by NetSuite.
Use Suitelets to create and blend custom user interfaces with NetSuite core and custom objects to create web pages or backend processes on the fly.
Custom color themes, company logo placement and custom terminology allow NetSuite to be stamped with your corporate brand and help personalise NetSuite to your business and industry.
Use of SuiteScript D-Bug gives you real-time feedback on the success of a newly created application, troubleshooting your new code or metadata to ensure it works as anticipated with NetSuite.

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