Easy-to-use, point-and-click tools provide unlimited personalisation, configuration, customisation and vertical tailoring all managed in-system.

It's Your Business — Make NetSuite Your Software

  • Dashboard Personalisation
    Now every user gets their very own software. From key performance indicators to performance snapshots, trend graphs, job reminders, and report and transaction shortcuts, each person in your company gets the tools they need for highest productivity. Who says software has to be boring? Add drag and drop content layout, RSS feeds from ESPN to pork belly futures, and favorite college color schemes, your teams will work hard and be happier doing it.
  • Company and Process Configuration
    SuiteBuilder lets you set up NetSuite to your company and industry requirements. SuiteBuilder allows industry and business specific terminology to be applied throughout NetSuite by re-naming standard objects such as Customer to Client. Standard objects can also be customised with the addition of fields to track additional data points. These custom fields can be organised on custom forms that utilise proven user interface elements such as sub-tabs. Custom fields can also be added to customised list views, leading to convenient eXtreme list editing capabilities. Additionally, Published Tabs can be created to share information, documents and other files for purposes such as Intranets and collaboration portals.
  • Customise Data Relationships and User Interface
    Fundamentally alter NetSuite's Web-native, on-demand products with the addition of database tables via Custom Records. Custom Records can stand-alone or easily tie in with standard objects such as customers or items in data relationships ranging from one-to-one, one-to-many, to many-to-many. SuiteBuilder also allows application extensions built and hosted within NetSuite to leverage user-interface elements such as drop-down navigation, eXtreme list editing and real-time dashboards. Custom Centers and Tabs let users easily build entire Centers (and roles) from scratch — including all the tabs, all the links, all the dashboards allowing users to tailor the NetSuite User Interface to be exactly right for their company's use.
  • SuiteBuilder tools include:
    • Color Themes
    • Record Re-naming
    • Custom Roles
    • Custom Lists
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Forms
    • Custom Sub-tabs
    • Custom Records/Objects
    • Custom Tabs
    • Custom Centers


  • SuiteBuilder makes NetSuite your company's very own solution, complete with your terminology, your corporate branding, your key data points, forms, and fields.
  • SuiteBuilder overcomes the hurdles of custom application creation to focus users on Click Not Code. Database extension capability is point and click enabled, greatly simplifying complex database table additions.
  • Many-to-many data relationships between custom records/objects or even standard objects give you complete flexibility in managing additional mission critical data
  • Custom color themes and company logo placement allow NetSuite to be stamped with a customer's corporate brand
  • Custom terminology helps personalise standard NetSuite fields to your business and industry. For example, a service company may want to rename "Customer" to "Client"
  • Advanced search capabilities allow for complex AND/OR expressions, criteria nesting, table joins and even result summarisation such as Count, Sum, Avg. and Group
  • Fields can be placed as footers on list views and when selected, serve to filter the records displayed in the list
  • Dynamic sourcing & filtering on custom fields ensure data consistency, ease of entry
  • SuiteBuilder configuration and customisation carry forward seamlessly with upgrades.
  • Customisation to your company specific transactional needs has never been easier.


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