CFO Magazine Report: The Benefits of Rolling Forecasts

Stuck in traditional budgeting processes? CFO Magazine reports why more companies are abandoning budgets in favour of rolling forecasts

In today’s volatile business and economic climate, a traditional budget is practically past its expiration date the moment the ink dries. No wonder 84% of CFOs cite more effective budgeting and forecasting abilities as a top priority, according to a recent study.1

In CFO Magazine’s article Let It Roll: Why More Companies are Abandoning Budgets in Favour of Rolling Forecasts, award-winning journalist and author Russ Banham looks at the considerations and benefits around rolling forecasts. Growing companies share how they made the transition to rolling forecasts, and improved business performance.

This CFO Magazine article covers:
•  Benefits of a rolling forecast, as used by innovative companies
•  Advantages of complementing annual budgets with rolling forecasts in parallel
•  The top priorities for CFOs from survey results
•  Best practices on budgeting from industry expert Steve Player of Beyond the Budgeting Roundtable.

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1 Source: The Hackett Group, 2011

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