Join a webinar on how three Hot 100 software companies use NetSuite to outpace their peers.


More Than 30% Of The JMP Hot 100 Software Companies Use NetSuite—And Here’s Why You Should, Too

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Join us for an informative webinar highlighting how the world’s hottest software companies use Cloud NetSuite to outpace their peers!

Becoming a "hot" software company isn’t easy. Scaling an idea to become the next big thing takes talent, the right business model and—importantly—the right infrastructure to manage the complexities of running a modern software enterprise. That’s why more than one-third of the companies named to the JMP Securities Hot 100 Software Companies List rely on NetSuite to power their key business processes and achieve hyper-growth.

As the leading cloud business management solution for publicly traded-SaaS software companies, NetSuite invites you to a webinar where you’ll hear from the hottest private software companies about how they scaled the heights of the software world. If you’re eager to join the next "Hot 100," we invite you to join us for this exclusive webinar and learn how three of the world’s hottest software companies leverage NetSuite and the cloud to leave competitors behind.

Webinar Details
Topic: Hot 100 Company Success: Powered by the Cloud
Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Time: 11 a.m.–noon PDT (2–3 p.m. EDT)
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During this interactive webinar, you’ll hear from top executives of three "Hot 100" software companies on how the cloud has transformed their businesses and given them a competitive edge. You’ll gain insights from Kelly Battles, CFO, Host Analytics; Doug Harr, CIO, Splunk; and Don Clarke, CFO, Eloqua—all successful business leaders who’ve bet their business on the cloud.

This webinar will help you:

Learn the top challenges faced by private software companies in managing their business
Understand key requirements that modern software companies need for their business
Hear expert perspectives on how the cloud is a critical aspect of building a next-generation software company.

Plus—ask your own questions about how the cloud has enabled these companies to succeed.

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Can’t make it? View the recorded webinar here.

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Kelly Battles
Kelly Battles
CFO, Host Analytics

Doug Harr
Doug Harr
CIO, Splunk

Don Clarke
Don Clarke
CFO, Eloqua

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