To contact NetSuite online, please use the "Contact Support" form that can be found at Support/Customer Service on the Web site. In the product field, select "Integration." For a quicker response, be as specific as possible, including all steps necessary to reproduce your problem. If contacting the support team online, be sure to include your SOAP documents, as this will greatly expedite the response.

NetSuite has partnered with Mindreef to offer a special NetSuite-branded version of SOAPscope — an industry leading Web services diagnostic system that provides an end-to-end quality process solution, including the capture of SOAP messages. This NetSuite-branded version of SOAPscope is now available from Mindreef as a free evaluation download. It can also be purchased as a subscription.

Please note that you will need to set up SOAPscope's SSL forwarding feature, which allows you to capture SOAP traffic over SSL/TLS/HTTPS, logging the messages in clear text while still using encryption between the client and server. Please refer to the Using SOAPScope section of the NetSuite Web Services Platform Guide for step-by-step information on this setup.

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