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TribeHR Partners with NetSuite to Deliver Integrated Human Resource Management Systems

Cloud-based technology combines innovative features with multi-platform functionality


Industry: Human Resources

Businesses are increasingly challenged to maintain high performance in an intensely competitive global context. Efficient, cost-effective, scalable systems that provide efficiencies, foster employee engagement and enhance productivity are essential to success.

In human resources, legacy systems have focused on basic data management and not fostering engaged, high-performance teams. But just managing HR data isn't enough in today's business environment. The system, as well as the data it collects and analyzes, must contribute to strategic objectives while reinforcing employee engagement and performance.

New technologies are integral to attracting and retaining the best people and remaining competitive. Businesses must understand this fundamental shift and seek out effective technologies to support all areas of operations, including HR. Fortunately, cloud computing and a culture of collaborative development are making it easier to overcome these challenges.

TribeHR develops cloud-based human resource management systems with fully integrated social technology and HR best practices. It combines the best of HR information management with innovative features like an engaging social interface, peer and public recognition, data analysis and reporting, 360-degree feedback, online performance reviews, social recruiting tools, applicant tracking, a custom online job board and more. TribeHR represents the new face of HR technology: a strategic, integrated, flexible and social tool—the kind that today's best employees demand.

Joseph Fung, CEO and Co-Founder of TribeHR, quickly recognized that the true value of cloud computing to his customers was derived from the ability to integrate across multiple platforms without investing the exorbitant amounts previously associated with enterprise software customization. For TribeHR to reach its full potential and best serve its customers, it made sense to partner with an industry-leading, cloud ERP provider interested in integrating with the world's leader in social HR.

NetSuite ERP Enables Robust Collaborative Partnership Opportunities

Having decided to integrate with an industry-leading, cloud ERP provider, TribeHR set out to identify the partner that offered the best fit. TribeHR's executive team required a partner that shared their commitment to continuous improvement, customer-centric innovation, and collaborative development.

After researching the options, TribeHR chose to partner with NetSuite, the leading cloud-based ERP for high-growth and mid-sized companies and divisions of large enterprises. On the technical side, TribeHR's development team appreciated the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform, which was designed to facilitate cross-platform integration and also offered powerful and innovative development tools.

Full Integration and Unmatched Support a Win for Customers

From a business perspective, the SuiteCloud Developer Network provided a single point of contact that managed the relationship throughout the technical integration and beyond, ultimately facilitating an introduction to the sales team and managing the partnership agreement process. The partnership between TribeHR and NetSuite led to several immediate benefits.

  • Full integration of TribeHR on the SuiteCloud development platform in two months. Fung was impressed with the ease and speed of the integration process: "The documentation and support provided by NetSuite made the process easy. The app was live and in the hands of customers in less than one month—much sooner than expected."
  • Extensive product roadmap discussions and product alignment for future collaborative development. "NetSuite and TribeHR are both innovative, cloud-to-cloud companies, so there was very clear alignment. This bodes well for a long-term successful partnership," said Fung.
  • Demonstrated fit between TribeHR's offering and NetSuite customer needs. Four customers closed in less than one month upon introduction of TribeHR to the NetSuite sales force. Fung added, "Our ability to reinforce each other's products for the benefit our respective customers is exceptional."

Fung's comments were echoed by Mark Gally, Vice President of Marketing for TribeHR, who said, "The partnership between TribeHR and NetSuite has resulted in a robust, integrated solution. NetSuite's technology works and the company has been extremely responsive and accommodating throughout, encouraging their sales force to promote the TribeHR integration. That level of support is a huge indication that they want to work with us and we're very excited about the future of this alliance."

About Tribe HR

Headquartered in Waterloo, ON and Boston, MA, TribeHR Corp. builds TribeHR, the first truly social human resources management software. Its easy-to-use tools are used by businesses worldwide, allowing companies to focus more on what they do best and less on things that get in the way. TribeHR was founded in 2009 and is funded by Matrix Partners and Relay Ventures. For more information, visit www.tribehr.com.


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