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Marketing Automation Provider Pardot, an ExactTarget Company, Integrates with NetSuite to Reach Larger Client Base

Customer lifecycle marketing provider one of the top SaaS companies in the vertical


Industry: Marketing Automation

The need for marketers to reach the right customers at the right time has reached an apex. The customer lifecycle continues to be broken down as companies search for new opportunities to capitalize on their differentiators to reach the customer at the precise moments in the sales funnel that will lead to conversion. Transferring those legitimate leads into actual customers is a critical barometer of success.

As the number of marketing automation software providers grows, identifying opportunities to create separation and integrate with a maximum number of partners becomes a necessity. Pardot, an ExactTarget company, is one of the industry's leading marketing automation providers.

Founded in 2007, Pardot is a SaaS-based, business-to-business marketing automation organization focused on increasing revenue and maximizing efficiencies for mid-market customers. The Pardot platform features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles and demonstrate marketing accountability.

While many vendors in this space are focused on aligning with specific providers, such as Salesforce.com or Microsoft, Pardot strives to remain CRM-agnostic. That flexibility enables them to highlight their system's ease of use, focusing on adapting their product to fit the needs of all clients.

Software Integration Maximizes Quality Leads and Optimizes CRM

Pardot was looking to attract a larger client base and reached out to NetSuite. The company began integrating with NetSuite in 2008, and is still one of the few in the marketing automation vertical that go through NetSuite. The partnership has been a tremendous success.

"NetSuite clients want marketing solutions that integrate seamlessly with the system," said Adam Blitzer, VP of B2B Marketing Automation at Pardot. "They want tools that enable leads to flow into NetSuite, and Pardot is able to qualify those leads. Our system keeps the CRM clean and optimized."

The partnership with NetSuite is beneficial for Pardot because it opens up opportunities to meet new clients and explore various industries available exclusively through the NetSuite package. Most companies use CRM and marketing systems in a vacuum without leveraging the benefits of integrating their systems. The results are often a need for time-consuming, manual data entry and extra work to maintain consistency.

NetSuite customers benefit from Pardot because the software ensures that they're tightly connected, maximizing opportunities. Data from Pardot is bi-directionally synched with NetSuite, creating a unified marketing and sales pipeline. As a result, clients have seen up to a 700% increase in lead follow-up efficiency and up to a 400% increase in the number of product demos scheduled with prospects.

As an early integrator with NetSuite, Pardot didn't use SuiteCloud technologies to develop their SuiteApp, opting to connect through services using NetSuite's API. Recently, however, Pardot used SuiteBundler to create a faster implementation.  Pardot created the bundle, which took about four weeks to develop, with the intent of continuing to add functionality.

One of Pardot's major advantages is that it supports both individual and company leads. Most CRMs focus exclusively on individual leads. The company is continuing to add functionality with a focus on customer-driven solutions, including single sign-on. As owners of the app, all changes are instantaneous for clients.

NetSuite Partnership Leads to Customer Growth

Pardot's integration with the NetSuite platform was well received by customers and has been an undeniable success. The partnership currently boasts 80 joint clients. Pardot has been especially pleased with the opportunities to work with other partners in the NetSuite ecosystem, including the company's experience at the annual SuiteWorld conference.

"Pardot is in one of the fastest growing software markets," said Blitzer. "Pardot's partnership with NetSuite provides for a deep level of penetration in several verticals, allowing us to fully focus on the CRM subset of NetSuite clients. Our challenge going forward is to keep meeting the right customers. NetSuite enables us to cut through the noise and reach our ideal clients."

About Pardot

Pardot, an ExactTarget company, is a B2B marketing automation software provider that increases revenue and maximizes efficiency for companies with multi-touch sales cycles. Pardot's platform features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to help marketing and sales teams work together to generate and qualify sales  leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability. The company is based in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit www.pardot.com.


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