Helps Wingu Bring Cloud Technology to Latin American Nonprofits


"NetSuite gives us the ability to look ahead and be prepared for what will happen six months or a year from now."

Company at a Glance

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Applications Replaced:
Tango ERP from Argentine vendor Axoft



Customer Success:

  • The non-profit group Wingu is more effective in implementing NetSuite and other technologies at nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Greater efficiency translates into more high-quality technology implementations supporting nonprofits in Argentina and several other Latin American countries, that are focused on such areas as social welfare, education and democracy.
  • Wingu gained better visibility and control in technology implementations at more than 150 nonprofits in Latin America.
  • Comprehensive, real-time views of per-project costs and income improved efficiency and project delivery.
  • NetSuite transparency and drill-down into detail strengthened accountability with donors and supporters of the nonprofit agency.
  • Automated invoicing eliminated slow, manual, error-prone work needed with the previous system.
  • Cloud-based mobility improved on-site work with clients and at other offsite locations.
  • Personnel better able to focus on core mission rather than wasting time with manual data manipulation and paper-based processes.


  • Wingu struggled to track and manage costs and time associated with multiple projects.
  • Reporting on projects was inflexible, meaning weeks of delay that hampered project delivery and decision-making.
  • Previous system lacked capacity to support growth and greater project volumes and detail, while invoicing was slow and error-prone.


  • Wingu worked through the corporate citizenship program to take advantage of free and discounted software available to qualified charitable organizations and social enterprises.
  • Implementation by NetSuite solution provider partner 3Ksys completed on time and on budget.
  • NetSuite customizability and integration with other technologies prepares Wingu to undertake uniquely technical projects.