NetSuite OpenAir Helps Software Maker Streamline Project Planning and Resource Utilization

"With all our data in one location we can tie together our goals—and performance against those goals—to accurately assess our progress. This helps us maximize customer satisfaction by delivering projects on-time and within budget." Verint

Company at a Glance

Melville, NY
Enterprise Software
Applications Replaced:
Microsoft Excel, legacy software


NetSuite OpenAir

Customer Success:

  • Customer satisfaction and retention have improved because of Verint's ability to deliver implementation projects on schedule and without budget overruns.
  • Root-cause analysis of adherence-to-plan processes can now identify and rectify deviations in hours, compared to days with the previous method.
  • Project and financial forecasting has improved because the company can now access accurate, up-to-date scorecard data for trend analysis.
  • Ease of customization let Verint staff make changes to processes without having to hire outside consultants or spend extra money.
  • NetSuite OpenAir's scalability gives Verint the ability to grow without having to change or upgrade applications.


  • Made it difficult for this enterprise software vendor to maximize performance of its software implementation projects.
  • Project forecasting and adherence-to-plan analysis suffered because Verint's project plans and work breakdown structures were scattered across the company in non-integrated spreadsheets and legacy software.
  • Reliable financial forecasting and process automation also suffered because the organization used spreadsheets to track revenue recognition.


  • NetSuite OpenAir now lets Verint draw up real-time, accurate project plans and build robust forecasting reports.
  • Report KPIs include project profitability, resource utilization, and process adherence.
  • NetSuite OpenAir's on-demand platform reduces IT demands and gives managers and staff visibility into the same, accurate information.