NetSuite Helps Tree of Life Overcome its Barriers to Growth, Reduces Complexity

Tree of Life


Tree of Life


Camperdown, Australia





"In one morning I deployed our four West Australia sites, on my own, remotely from Sydney. I don't know of any other system you can do that with. Using NetSuite has allowed us to concentrate on what's important, secure in the knowledge that NetSuite has created a strong and reliable system that minimizes any input we need to have into that side of the operation." Tree of Life

Customer Success

  • Real-time information available across all stores and the head office.
  • Greater insights into the business performance.
  • Reduced hardware requirements and eliminated ongoing upgrades and maintenance.
  • Eliminated the need for provision and maintenance of individual VPNs.
  • Gained the ability to remotely deploy new POS sites.
  • Training for a new site takes minutes and can be performed remotely.


  • Maintaining a virtual private network (VPN) across so many sites was both complex and time consuming.
  • Managing the replication of data across sites took time and was a significant risk in terms of data integrity.
  • Rolling out software upgrades to 60 outlets spread nationwide was a significant logistic challenge.
  • No real-time information.
  • Head office lacked a way to centrally aggregate transactions from all branches.
  • Tree of Life needed a solution that would work in multiple time zones and with multiple currencies.


  • Switched from Microsoft SQL Server running Markinson Shopkeeper across individual VPNs.
  • Initial implementation included NetSuite financials, customer support, email and CRM.
  • Subsequently expanded to utilize NetSuite for all its point-of-sale needs.
  • 85 users run the entire business using NetSuite.

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