Tree of Life Builds Omnichannel Business with NetSuite’s Unified Commerce Platform

Tree of Life, a fair trade clothing and accessories retailer, first implemented NetSuite in 2007 to standardize back-end processes on a platform that would evolve with the business. As growth and rising consumer expectations began to tax the disconnected OnSite and Markinson Shopkeeper POS systems on the front-end, it looked to extend its NetSuite success with NetSuite POS and SuiteCommerce for true omnichannel commerce.

Tree of Life


Tree of Life


Camperdown, Australia





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Markinson Shopkeeper, OnSite POS

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite ERP
SuiteCommerce Advanced
Advanced Inventory Management
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“Breaking down the barriers of ecommerce with NetSuite, and being able to deliver a superior customer experience without having to do lots of integrations is truly exciting.” Tree of Life

Integrated Platform Drives Omnichannel Innovation

Single source of data, happier customers
With a unified platform for ecommerce, POS, inventory and order management, CRM and financials, Tree of Life has a real-time, single source of customer, item and order data that ensures accurate and timely order fulfillment, empowers sales associates and enables targeted marketing campaigns (100,000 emails a week).
International expansion, double-digit revenue growth
With NetSuite’s fast time to value, Tree of Life has realized double-digit growth in recent years. It rolled out the latest NetSuite POS in 40 stores within 48 hours, and continuously expanding ecommerce sales across borders in Asia, Europe, South and North America.
Engaging Customer Experience
With SuiteCommerce, Tree of Life supports a purchase online & deliver/pick-up or return to store capabilities to provide a seamless experience across channels. One-page checkout, faceted search, rich product imagery and mobile support all make the online shopping feasible with engaging experience.

With real-time data on customer, sales and inventory, Tree of Life can innovate the customer experience, deepen engagement and drive conversions.


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