Sundia's Commitment to the NetSuite Cloud Bears Fruit

Sundia Corp.

"We use NetSuite as the hub for everything we do in the company; enabled us to become a $40 million business—you can't do that without a cloud system" Sundia Corp.

Company at a Glance

Bay Area, CA
Fruit products distribution
Applications Replaced:



Customer Success:

  • Since deploying NetSuite in late 2006, Sundia has become one of the fast-growing produce brands in the U.S., increasing revenues 178x to $40 million.
  • NetSuite cloud supports cost-efficiency and scale by enabling Sundia to outsource business functions to service providers in a global model.
  • Sundia manages outsourced worldwide operations atop common NetSuite platform—accounting in India, customer service in the Philippines, sales in the U.S., and production in North America, Mexico and Asia.
  • Real-time information on financials, suppliers, inventory and customers improves strategic and tactical decision-making and competitive position vs. larger companies.
  • NetSuite has helped Sundia & Bare Fruit expand their customer base to 220 buyers, including Costco, Walmart, Safeway and Kroger.
  • Monthly financial close is achieved in seven days, considerably faster than would be possible with previous QuickBooks software.


  • Sundia quickly hit the ceiling of QuickBooks capabilities, limiting its opportunity for growth, efficiency improvements and innovation.
  • Sundia wanted to avoid shackling itself to a costly and complex on-premise ERP system and avoid ongoing maintenance of software and servers.


  • Sundia made an early commitment to the NetSuite cloud business application model to drive innovation, promote global growth and obtain around-the-clock reliability.
  • NetSuite was deployed to run core business operations including financials, inventory management, order management, supplier management and more.