NetSuite Helps Employment Website Achieve Five-Fold Growth in Three Years



Glen Allen, VA



Applications Replaced

QuickBooks, spreadsheets



"We simply couldn't have handled the kind of growth we've seen over the last three years without NetSuite. NetSuite provided us a holistic, closed-loop solution that let us scale the business dramatically, while at the same time improving our processes and reducing costs."

Customer Success

  • Five-fold revenue growth since 2006 with minimal new staff in finance and administrative functions.
  • Sales team growth of 15X—with visibility into sales rep pipelines and bookings forecasts.
  • Integrated automated work queues reduced new-account setup time by 10%.
  • Work-queue automation reduced cost-of-service delivery to customers by 20%.
  • Revenue recognition functionality increased accuracy of revenue reporting, reduced invoice processing time by more than 25%.


  • Existing combination of small-business software unable to support fast growth.
  • Needed sales forces automation/CRM solution to manage substantial planned expansion of the SnagAJob direct sales and service organizations.
  • Needed system to support subscription-based pricing, revenue accounting complexities, and high-volume order and invoice levels.
  • Needed closed-loop system integrating SFA, CRM, and financials, and SnagAJob's proprietary operating platform.


  • Replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets with NetSuite SFA, Financials, and CRM.
  • NetSuite partner Upaya used NetSuite APIs to integrate proprietary back-end operations platform and automate work queues with NetSuite.
  • Advanced revenue recognition tools in NetSuite financials simplify subscription-based billings, even with order pricing that can change on a monthly basis.

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