NetSuite Helps Ski Resort Cut Costs, Launch ERP Software in 90 Days

Sierra at Tahoe Resorts

"We had just 90 days to select a completely new ERP infrastructure and get it running. NetSuite was the only vendor that could meet with that timeframe." Sierra at Tahoe Resorts

Company at a Glance

Twin Bridges, CA
Recreation, Hospitality
Applications Replaced:
JD Edwards


NetSuite OneWorld

Customer Success:

  • With NetSuite, the company was able to evaluate and implement a full ERP system, with actual implementation taking just 60 days.
  • Sierra at Tahoe now saves $70,000 yearly over the cost of comparable server-based software and maintenance.
  • The company reduced excess end-of-season inventory from more than $30,000 to less than $5,000.
  • Sierra at Tahoe managers now produce monthly P&L statements—and other typical reports—instantly; with the old software the company needed a full-time employee dedicated to report-writing.
  • It takes just 45 minutes to train a new manager on NetSuite; previously, it took nearly an entire season or more for new managers to reach the same level of aptitude.
  • For regular season staff, training takes at most 1.5 days, compared to an entire month with JD Edwards.


  • Sierra at Tahoe was forced to replace its JD Edwards business software because a corporate divestiture by its parent holding company left the resort without any IT support after a 90-day services agreement ran out.
  • The company wanted business software that would be easy to learn and use because the seasonal nature of its business requires that employees be versatile—and get up-to-speed quickly.
  • With JD Edwards employee training had been tedious and time-consuming because the software was difficult to learn and understand.


  • Sierra at Tahoe chose NetSuite over a JD Edwards upgrade or a new Microsoft Great Plains installation.
  • The company estimated that a comparable server-based system would have taken well over 90 days to get running.
  • With NetSuite, after a 30-day multi-vendor identification-evaluation process, actual implementation took just 60 days.
  • NetSuite's cloud-based architecture removes the expense and difficulty of user-installed version upgrades, a significant advantage over the parent company's JD Edwards software, which had become version-locked to reduce costs.
  • NetSuite OneWorld lets Sierra at Tahoe's current parent-holding company simplify accounting and tax preparation for its 8 properties, Sierra at Tahoe and 7 unrelated investments, by assigning them as separate subsidiaries in NetSuite.