NetSuite Helps Premium Case Maker Grow 583% While Cutting Costs by $100,000 Yearly

Sena Cases

"With NetSuite, we can now commit to on-time wholesale product deliveries to Apple's regional hubs; respond to queries quickly and accurately, without risking stock run-outs because of faulty information." Sena Cases

Company at a Glance

Irvine, CA
Applications Replaced:
QuickBooks, proprietary software



Customer Success:

  • The company grew 583% since 2007, from about $1M to $14M, and expects to nearly double again this year, while using just a single half-time IT staffer.
  • Meanwhile, Sena Cases saves $1,000,000 yearly over the capital and maintenance costs of a comparable server-based system.
  • Reliable, real-time inventory management has enabled Sena Cases to become an authorized Apple supplier, stocking inventory in Apple's regional hubs and selling through Apple's retail stores.
  • Sena Cases responds to a large order from one of Apple's three U.S. hubs within a day; with the old system, it would have taken a week or more.
  • Faster invoice processing and the use of accounts-receivables ageing alerts have helped Sena Cases reduce order-to-cash cycles times by 50%.
  • Improved inventory management has helped Sena Cases reduce stock-outs by 100%.
  • Fedex integration and real-time rate calculations have helped the company cut shipping times for online orders by 50%, from two days to one day.


  • Limited business software prevented this maker of premium leather cases from taking advantage of the exploding market for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.
  • Lack of integration and visibility among ecommerce, accounting, customer service, and inventory management severely hampered business performance.
  • Lack of process integration and real-time inventory visibility prevented Sena Cases from making wholesale commitments to big-box retailers such as Apple.
  • Upgrading existing server-based software would have been expensive, and would still fall short of providing full process integration.


  • Role-based NetSuite dashboards let managers drill into KPIs to get real-time detail on customer service—customer service is critical for a premium company—as well as inventory management and other processes.
  • For instance, management can drill into customer support cases to check the exact communication that's taken place between customer and support—something impossible previously.