NetSuite Helps RV Maker Save $180,000 With Process Integration

Open Range

"Before NetSuite, time and money were wasted trying to keep up with the business. NetSuite has helped us cut overhead costs immediately; with the ability to grow again, without limits." Open Range

Company at a Glance

Shipshewana, Ind.
Applications Replaced:
QuickBooks, Excel, Outlook




Solution Source


Solution Source
Goshen, Ind.

Customer Success:

  • Process integration and improved reporting are helping Open Range save more than $180,000 yearly in full-time equivalents.
  • In the event of a supplier's component recall the Open Range warranty department can locate each use of the component in about 10 minutes—previously it would have taken hours or even days of cross-referencing spreadsheets.
  • Automated reporting cuts the administrative time spent processing dealer bonus requests by two hours a month.
  • A dealer self-service portal has helped the company reduce dealer-communications overhead by 30%.
  • Drawing up the full production schedule for a new unit now takes between one and two hours; previously it required more than a day.


  • The company needed to compete through innovation and efficiency in the challenging market for RV manufacturing.
  • Lack of software integration among the company's accounting, purchasing, and warranty groups forced staffers to waste time and risk errors by using spreadsheets.
  • Open Range had to cross-reference massive spreadsheets to create some specialized reports, such as component recalls and production tracking.
  • Manual reporting wasn't able to keep up with the company's goal of producing 80 units per week, each with thousands of components and many configuration options.


  • NetSuite's end-to-end integration now gives the company real-time, detailed views of every RV it produces, from the initial order request through to manufacturing, shipping, dealer sale, and end-user sale.
  • NetSuite partner Solution Source helped Open Range customize a dealer self-service portal to pre-authorize warranty repairs, check status of repairs, and other functions.
  • Solution Source has helped create many specialized reports, from production tracking to warranty work and dealer sales transactions.
  • Dealer sales tracking can alert Open Range to a re-stock opportunity each time a dealer sells an Open Range RV.
  • Future Solution Source projects include automated BOM (Bill of Materials) processing and automated workflows for handling complex product change notices.