Liberty Bottleworks Goes from Startup to Sensation with NetSuite

A startup founded in 2010, Liberty Bottleworks has undergone rapid growth as demand for its American-made water bottles made with 100 percent recycled aluminum soared, first with outdoor enthusiasts and athletes before finding a broader customer base. Business grew fourfold to produce nearly a half a million bottles in 2014. A subsequent launch of a revamped ecommerce website has fostered further growth and new business channels.

Liberty Bottleworks


Liberty Bottleworks


Union Gap, Wash.






SuiteCommerce Advanced
Work Orders and Assemblies

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“The beauty of NetSuite is that it grows with us—it’s scalable. We wanted something incredibly flexible that didn’t require a big IT department, and NetSuite has proven to be the ideal solution.” Tim Andis, Founder, Liberty Bottleworks

Cloud, Environmental Commitment Steer Growth

Built to scale
Liberty Bottleworks wanted a platform that could grow with the business and selected NetSuite over competing products from Sage. NetSuite’s comprehensive platform meant a single data source for the company without significant overhead and enabled it to launch its ecommerce website on SuiteCommerce Advanced strengthening the direct-to-consumer channel.
Painless, rapid growth
Liberty Bottleworks increased revenue 135 percent when it went live on SuiteCommerce Advanced and expanded its number of retail partners from 1,500 to 6,000. Corporate customers grew from 5,000 to 6,000 with sales of customized bottles to companies like Google, HBO, Budweiser and NetSuite.
Single, strategic source of truth
As Liberty Bottleworks continues to grow and maintain a commitment to safe, environmentally responsible and US-sourced materials, NetSuite provides a single source of information for all processes from purchasing to manufacturing to shipping to the website.


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