NetSuite OMX rejuvenates Juvenon with Replenishment order management


"NetSuite gives us total control over how and when orders are processed. It's very transparent and the scalability to peak order demands is a huge advantage." Juvenon

Company at a Glance

Incline Village, Nev.
Applications Replaced:
Outsourced service by third-party fulfillment house


NetSuite OMX

Customer Success:

  • Leading nutritional supplements company has transformed its order management efficiency and effectiveness with NetSuite OMX.
  • Juvenon has improved speed and precision in fulfilling direct-to-consumer orders placed via its ecommerce website, call center and direct mail.
  • Transparency into order status and issues enables Juvenon to better monitor the business and swiftly resolve any problems, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Business and operational personnel have new control over order management compared to previous processes outsourced to a third-party fulfillment house.
  • NetSuite OMX support for recurring orders is highly valuable for Juvenon’s continuity programs, used by about half of its customer base.
  • Flexibility for recurring subscription programs enables Juvenon to offer customers self-service across a wide range of replenishment schedules and products.
  • Seamless integration with Magento ecommerce storefront with automated order management workflows saves substantial manual work and minimizes risk of error.
  • NetSuite OMX enables Juvenon to scale to large order spikes, with up to 20,000 orders a week in January as many customers commit to health and exercise regimens.
  • Juvenon has significantly simplified its return processing, saving manual work and delivering a better customer experience.
  • NetSuite OMX CRM gives call center agents a single view of customer information and transactions to quickly resolve issues and promote sales.


  • Juvenon lacked direct control over order management by outsourcing the service to a third-party fulfillment house.
  • Time lags and limited capabilities for continuity programs undercut order management effectiveness.


  • NetSuite OMX offered an ideal combination of functionality and value compared to other solutions considered, including Mail Order Manager, Zoho and
  • Going live in 2012, the cloud-based NetSuite OMX SaaS solution spared Juvenon the cost and complexity of installing on-premise systems.