NetSuite Helps Clothing Maker Grow By 50% While Saving $50,000 Yearly Over Server-Based System


"Thanks to NetSuite, we know we can grow the company without worrying about whether we'll have the IT resources to keep up."

Company at a Glance

White River Junction, VT
Applications Replaced:
Sage MAS 200



Customer Success:

  • Ibex has grown by more than 50% since bringing in NetSuite, and estimates it is saving more than $50,000 yearly over a comparable server-based system.
  • Improved inventory management has helped the company boost warehouse output by as much as 50%, without increasing space or adding warehouse personnel.
  • NetSuite rollout took just over three months, compared to an estimated six to 12 months for server-based IT software.
  • Ibex estimates it saves five administrative hours per day processing individual orders, compared to the previous system; also, the company can now process a 100-line wholesale order in 10 minutes; with the manual system, it would have taken about three hours.
  • Store and headquarters managers can see all retail inventory in real time, compared to the 24-hour lag with the previous system: this improves inventory forecasting and makes it easier for online customers to pick up merchandise in stores.
  • Company managers can now get ad hoc financial reports in minutes; before, it would take between two hours and two days, depending on the report.
  • Warehouse mis-picks have been reduced by 98%.


  • Limited business software and manual order-processing prevented innovating clothing manufacturer Ibex from taking advantage of growth potential.
  • Manual order processing and warehouse picking slowed shipping and delivery performance.
  • Ibex was expecting to more than double in sales over the next two years, and expected to take on more wholesale orders.
  • The company wanted a substantial IT upgrade, but needed the new software to be operational in time for the busy fall season.


  • Ibex chose NetSuite over a server-based IT software largely because of the fast rollout time; the NetSuite rollout was finished in August, on schedule and in time for Ibex's busy fall season.
  • Thanks to better warehouse efficiency, some products are now shipped within three hours of purchase; previously, they would likely have taken 24 hours.
  • Ibex uses OzLINK Mobile, from NetSuite partner OZ Development, for managing warehouse fulfillment and shipping.
  • OzLINK Mobile has helped cut order fulfillment time by more than 50%.