NetSuite Helps Healthcare Services Business Coordinate Sales and Marketing Across 5


"Having independent sales force entities in several divisions, sometimes chasing the same customers, we didn't always know if someone else at IBA was already talking to a prospect company. Now we leverage that information to ensure that we're 100% coordinated." IBA

Company at a Glance

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Healthcare Services
Applications Replaced:
Spreadsheets, manual processes


NetSuite CRM+
NetSuite OneWorld

Customer Success:

  • Role-based dashboards help sales/marketing users coordinate efforts among 5 business segments.
  • Sales opportunities no longer slip through the cracks.
  • Consistent, reliable customer information has greatly improved production planning.


  • Uncoordinated sales and marketing was causing company to miss growth opportunities.
  • Salespeople in 5 business segments sometimes targeted same customers.
  • Production planning difficult due to long lead times of complex equipment.


  • Chose NetSuite over
  • With NetSuite, company has automated global sales and marketing
  • Customer information now resides in single information repository.