Garrett Popcorn Shops Heats Up Its Business Growth with NetSuite

Garrett Popcorn Shops

"We are significantly growing our ecommerce sales and we see no limitations in NetSuite accommodating that increased demand." Garrett Popcorn Shops

Company at a Glance

Chicago, IL
Food and hospitality (gourmet popcorn)
Applications Replaced:
Excel Spreadsheets


NetSuite Financials
NetSuite OneWorld
Inventory Management
Order Management

Customer Success:

  • NetSuite is helping Garrett Popcorn Shops grow with visibility and automation across finance, order and inventory management, CRM and purchasing.
  • NetSuite captures transactional data from more than 30 retail locations around the world and B2B/B2C sales over its web storefront.
  • Point-of-sale information from shop locations triggers automated replenishment of ingredients and packaging materials to Shops in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas.
  • NetSuite OneWorld rolled out for subsidiary management, multi-currency conversions and global financial consolidation with retail shops in Malaysia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
  • Real-time insight into demand and sales enables Garrett to better forecast their ingredients and packaging needs.
  • Customization enables Garrett to save 100 hours a week by consolidating multiple recipients from a single corporate gift order into a single line.
  • NetSuite provides Garrett better control and streamlined processes in procuring materials from its suppliers.
  • NetSuite CRM gives 15 Sales and Customer Experience Representatives a single, complete customer record to drive sales and address customer concerns.


  • Previous manual processes with spreadsheets were inefficient, error-prone and not capable of supporting growth plans for this venerable 64-year-old company.
  • Lack of integration between web storefront and back-office operations resulted in unnecessary overhead, delays and errors.
  • Limited visibility into inventory, sales and B2B customers made business planning and growth difficult.


  • First deploying NetSuite for accounting in 2007, Garrett Popcorn Shops has expanded its use of the suite to support other business processes to accommodate growth.
  • Cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for on-premise servers and software and supplies enhanced data security and role-based access.
  • NetSuite OneWorld was implemented in early 2013 to support international growth, with new Shops scheduled to open in the U.K. and elsewhere.