AMC Liquidators Gains an Edge in Fast-Moving, Complex Trading Operations with NetSuite

AMC Liquidators


AMC Liquidators


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Liquidator of hotel, office and high-end residential furnishings and equipment


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“NetSuite has definitely been our backbone. I love that everything is in one location so that anytime we need to pull information, it's right there.” AMC Liquidators

Customer Success

  • NetSuite supplies the backbone for AMC Liquidators' fast-moving, complex business of buying and liquidating furniture and other goods from hotels and offices for resale to B2B and B2C buyers.
  • AMC Liquidators has gained real-time visibility and control over large volumes of goods purchased, averaging six trailer or container loads daily from hotels and offices in the southern U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • NetSuite inventory bin management enables precise, on-demand tracking of goods for rapid distribution and optimal product mix on the floor of AMC's 45,000-square-foot retail location in Fort Lauderdale.
  • AMC Liquidators leverages NetSuite to manage restoration projects on used furniture and equipment for resale.
  • AMC Liquidators has gained scalability and business efficiency to grow the business to 20,000 retail and commercial customers, including Hyatt, Prudential, MetLife, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and others.
  • NetSuite CRM supplies a single unified record of customers for sales effectiveness and service, and supports targeted email alerts to prospective buyers.
  • NetSuite has enabled AMC Liquidators to rapidly scale the business on demand to capitalize on fast-emerging buying opportunities and peak business periods in autumn.
  • Automated invoicing and purchasing minimizes manual work, enabling personnel to focus on end-to-end sourcing to sales business cycle.


  • QuickBooks unable to scale to meet the demands of a fast-growing and complex liquidation business that demands real-time visibility.
  • AMC Liquidators suffered delays and unproductive manual data management piecing together disparate information.
  • Company recognized the value in gaining greater efficiency and control over purchase of goods, inventory management and the sales pipeline.


  • An early cloud adopter, AMC Liquidators selected NetSuite in 2003 as a complete business solution offering exceptional business visibility and mobile access.
  • Cloud solution meets Florida-based AMC Liquidators’ objective of disaster-tolerant business continuity in the event of a hurricane or other disruption.

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