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NetSuite, Inc. today announced its Best Business Solution Award winners and a 2006 Five-Star Solution Provider rating achiever at its annual partner conference being held today at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco. The three recipients of the Best Business Solutions awards were: Epiphany, Inc. ( for 'Best Industry Solution;' Contactual ( for 'Best Integrated Solution;' and Skyytek Worldwide ( for 'Best Value-Added Business Service.' Additionally, Skyytek received a Five-Star Solution Provider rating for 2006. The Five-Star rating is the highest recognized level of sales achievement for NetSuite Solution Providers.

The criteria for the Best Business Solution Awards included the solution's incremental value-add to the NetSuite applications; the strength of the customer value proposition; and the partner's customer testimonials.

The Winning Solutions:

Best Industry Solution — Winner: Epiphany, Inc. (Houston, Texas)
Epiphany's solution for the audiovisual industry, dNet, was awarded the Best Industry Solution based on how well the solution addresses the industry-specific business needs of its target customers in a repeatable manner for multiple customers.

Epiphany's dNet solution is built on NetSuite, and is a result of customizing the NetSuite application and integrating it with a complimentary industry-specific quoting tool, thereby meeting the unique business process requirements of audiovisual professionals. The solution provides a means for customers to standardize their operations on industry-best practice processes for quoting, managing and billing for complex projects. Its out-of-the-box, repeatable configuration and integration provides additional benefits to customers with rapid time-to-market and low-cost implementations.

Best Integrated Solution — Winner: Contactual (San Carlos, California)
Contactual was chosen as the Best Integrated Solution for its integration of NetSuite with its own Software as a Service (SaaS) contact center management application, the Contactual OnDemand Contact Center. By using NetSuite and Contactual together, contact center employees can toggle seamlessly between the applications, using a single sign-on screen. Outbound voice-over-IP (VoIP) or standard telephone (PSTN) calls can be initiated by clicking on a contact in NetSuite. For inbound calls, Contactual intelligently routes calls to the appropriate agents based on information about the customer found in NetSuite. When calls are routed to agents, NetSuite automatically "pops" customer records so the agents can quickly identify callers and their histories. Contact center employees can also view real-time reports in Contactual with vital call center data housed in the NetSuite application.

Best Value-Added Business Services — Winner: Skyytek Worldwide (Miami, Florida)
Skyytek Worldwide was awarded the Best Value-Added Business Service award for its Business Process Engineering Services. Business Process Engineering is the art of streamlining a business to operate most efficiently and effectively. Skyytek's business process engineers analyze a company's existing business processes, such as marketing and customer relationship management, in a disciplined, objective manner and put forth recommendations to fundamentally alter processes and add new processes based on Skyytek's best practices. Skyytek then implements these best practices by implementing the NetSuite applications accordingly — resulting in significant cost savings, improved revenues and very high system adoption and retention rates.

Skyytek Worldwide has also achieved the Five-Star Solution Provider rating for 2006 by already exceeding $1 million in NetSuite new license revenues through September of this year. The Five-Star rating is the highest recognized level of sales achievement for NetSuite Solution Providers. This is the second consecutive year that Skyytek has earned this rating, in addition to NetSuite Partner of the Year for 2004 and 2005.

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