Accelerate Your Social Impact with a Software Donation from Oracle NetSuite Social Impact

As a nonprofit/charity, you can streamline your organization’s efficiency and accelerate your social impact with a donation of NetSuite’s technologies. Nonprofits/charities who receive a Oracle NetSuite Social Impact software donation get free and discounted business software, pro bono software services, and dedicated, ongoing customer support.

Am I A Charity or Nonprofit?

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact will recognize you as a charity or nonprofit according to the rules of your home country. In the United States, this means you must be a nonprofit corporation under the 501(c)3 of the IRS tax code. Please note that you may still be ineligible for a donation if you do not meet all our selection criteria.

Grantee Requirements

  1. You must be determined to be, at NetSuite’s sole discretion, a registered charity in your home country (e.g. a 501(c)3 in the U.S.).
  2. You cannot be a current NetSuite customer.
  3. You must be focused on automating your organization’s business process with NetSuite software.
  4. You must clearly articulate your social impact and offer metrics to measure it.
  5. You must have the organizational capacity to implement NetSuite software and use it to accelerate your social impact as measured by your metrics.

Base Donations

Base donations include a complete software package sufficient to run all aspects of a small organization. Base donations vary according to the NetSuite product.

The Award

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact donates software subscriptions. A base donation includes a complete software package, support and training sufficient to run all aspects of a small organization at no charge.

Software Donation Terms

As a qualified nonprofit/charity, you can receive the base software donation at a 100% discount off list prices. Additional users and modules may be purchased at a significant discount which is determined by your organization’s previous year’s revenue. Nonprofits under $2M in annual revenue qualify for the base donation. Organizations over $2M may receive a discount based upon eligibility.

*Additional items refer to add-ons, users and associated support only. Discounts do not apply to training, professional services or platinum support.

The donation terms of other NetSuite products are slightly modified.

To Apply

  1. Visit our application page.
  2. On the donation application form, select whether or not you are sponsored by a NetSuite employee or partner.
  3. Select the software donation of your choice and fill out the online application.
  4. Include your registered charity number in the application for verification.


Awards are made on an annual rolling basis.

NetSuite Selection Criteria

1. Are you qualified?

  • NetSuite does not make donations to individuals
  • Your organization's primary purpose must not be religious or political.
  • Your organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic, or national origin, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, language, educational background, or veteran status.

2. Are your software goals achievable?

  • Your primary goal aims to automate a single, achievable business process. Projects focused on automating accounting, customer relationship, and Ecommerce processes are preferred.
  • You are familiar with NetSuite and how it can fit your need

3. Can your organization demonstrate a significant social impact?

  • You can clearly articulate your organization's social impact and offer at least one metric to quantify your impact

4. You can clearly articulate your organization’s social impact and offer at least one metric.

  • You can demonstrate the knowledge, staffing and willingness to allocate the resources required to implement the donated software.

5. How much will the donation impact your operational effectiveness?

  • The software donation must be able to increase your operational effectiveness, leading to improved social impact.


You will receive a questionnaire every year to check your status. You will need to sign your renewal estimate. NetSuite Inc., in its sole discretion, will determine whether your organization continues to meet the selection criteria under the software donation guidelines. You will remain eligible for a software donation as long as you retain registered charity status, your chosen donation program still exists and you actively use your NetSuite account.

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