FAQs for Interested NetSuite Employees and NetSuite Software Donation Recipients

Not quite clear about the Suite Pro Bono program or need some additional information? Read the FAQs below for potential answers to your questions.

Q: What is Oracle+NetSuite Social Impact’s Suite Pro Bono Quarterly Program?

A: It is a pro bono service powered by Oracle+NetSuite employees. On a quarterly basis, eligible nonprofits and social enterprises who are using NetSuite software can apply for a variety of pro bono projects. These projects are designed to help an organization use NetSuite software effectively. If selected, the organization will partner with Oracle+NetSuite employees on the project. Projects take place during the quarter, and tasks are designed to take 4 to 20 hours for each employee volunteer. Our quarterly pro bono projects are partnerships between an organization and the employee volunteer where the team accomplishes a task together. The organization manages the project and the volunteers contributes their time, talents and knowledge. Pro bono services are not a replacement for implementation services, professional services or paid consulting.

Q: How can I participate in a Suite Pro Bono Project?

A: It’s easy to get involved in Suite Pro Bono activities. Each quarter, NetSuite software donation recipients and NetSuite employees can apply for the program through our online application. Look for an email from probono@netsuite.com announcing the application window, and then go online and apply for the projects you are interested in.

Q: I understand NetSuite allows employees up to 20 hours to participate on a Suite Pro Bono project. How does that work?

A: NetSuite encourages its employees to give back through the Suite Pro Bono program, allowing up to 20 hours per quarter to work with a nonprofit or social enterprise on a NetSuite project. Employees can expect to spend anywhere between four to 20 hours on a project depending on the project and your role on the team.

Once you’ve decided on your interest, speak with your manager about participating in Suite Pro Bono. If your manager is comfortable with your involvement, you may apply. You will work on the project during regular work hours, and do not need to enter these hours as time off. Project work should not take place during off-hours (nights and weekends).

Q: Who can apply for the quarterly Suite Pro Bono Program?

A: The program is open to all nonprofits and social enterprises who are receiving a software donation through our technology donation. All NetSuite employees are eligible to participate as long as they have manager approval.

Q. I’m not technical and don’t think I have NetSuite skills. How can I participate?

Not a NetSuite expert? That’s OK! We have non-technical roles for project managers and non-technical employees. Every team needs a project manager to manage timelines, roles and expectations. You can also provide advice on a topic based on your function (Sales, HR, Finance, etc.), and add value to the team by showing how you use NetSuite in your job.

Q: How many projects can I apply for?

A: There is no limit to the number of projects an organization can apply for each quarter, and no limit on the number of projects you can participate in a year. The same goes for NetSuite employees who are interested, as long as their manager approves of this participation. The NetSuite Pro Bono team will make the final decision on which requests get approved or declined.

Q: What is the selection criteria?

A: The NetSuite Pro Bono team will select as many projects as we are able to fulfill—based on employee availability and at our discretion. We recommend organizations complete the application to its fullest to help us understand what services your organization is interested in, why they will help and what the current challenges are. The more complete of a picture you provide to us, the easier it is for us to accept you into the program.

Q: If I’m selected for a Suite Pro Bono project, when does the actual pro bono work happen?

A: Our goal is that pro bono projects are fulfilled during the quarter. The NetSuite employee team will set-up a schedule with the organization point of contact for meetings and together the team will define milestones to complete the project within the quarter. Please note that there may be extenuating circumstances in which projects take longer to complete.

Q: How will the project be scoped?

A: The first step to scoping a project begins with you, the nonprofit or social enterprise. The organization point of contact should assess their needs and identify which of Suite Pro Bono services would be beneficial for their organization. Two ways to identify needs are through creating a to-do list and thinking about which elements could be fulfilled pro bono, or looking at your priorities and thinking how pro bono can help you achieve these goals. Once selected, each Suite Pro Bono team (NetSuite employees and organization point of contact) will work to fully scope the project and develop a series of mutually agreed upon milestones and deadlines. It will be the responsibility of the team to ensure everyone understands the schedule and your responsibilities during the project.

Q: How many hours will the project take?

A: Our goal is that each project does not exceed 20 hours per employee and 30 hours for the organization point of contact. In order to apply and be accepted to the Suite Pro Bono program, we ask that each organization identify a point of contact who will meet with employee volunteers on a consistent basis throughout the quarter.

Q: I represent an organization that needs a project completed that isn’t being offered—is that possible?

A: We encourage you to let us know what types of projects you’d like to see offered—this will help us build our pro bono pipeline. In some instances we may be able to take on additional “ad hoc” grants. We ask that you keep us in the loop with your requests by working with your Account Manager.

Q: What is the difference between Suite Pro Bono and Professional Services?

A: Suite Pro Bono is a volunteer program, where employees are donating their time and talent to help nonprofits and social enterprises who are receiving a software donation through Oracle+NetSuite Social Imapct. On the other hand Professional Services is a highly customized solution available for a fee. Suite Pro Bono is not a replacement for professional services or a consultant. Suite Pro Bono is also rarely a good solution for any urgent needs of your organization.

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