The Suite Pro Bono Program helps nonprofits and social enterprises optimize their use of NetSuite technologies.

NetSuite employees who receive permission from their managers are allowed up to 20 hours each quarter to provide pro bono support to NetSuite nonprofit and social enterprise customers seeking NetSuite assistance.

About the Program

NetSuite’s Pro Bono program matches the professional skills of our passionate employees with the needs of nonprofits and social enterprises who are using NetSuite’s technologies.

The program’s goals are three fold;
  1. Provide skill and expertise to our software donation recipients.
  2. Develop our employee’s professional skills.
  3. Deepen employee commitment to using professional skills to benefit our nonprofit customers.
NetSuite employees:

Suite Pro Bono is designed to support a variety of employee skillsets (beginner to expert), time constraints (one day, short-term and long-term projects), and professional strengths.

Employees simply complete an application indicating their skills (both NetSuite-based and general), time available during the quarter, and how they want to get involved. There are plenty of pro bono options for employees without specific NetSuite ERP skills, and you are encouraged to apply!

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Nonprofits and Social Enterprises:

Nonprofit and social enterprise software donation recipients have an opportunity to apply for Suite Pro Bono team assistance quarterly. Organizations first select from the available project offerings and then choose the type of support they are looking for.

There are three types of Suite Pro Bono support options available:

  • Discovery: You are interested in exploring an element of NetSuite. Consult with a team who can explain how specific functionality in NetSuite works, and help you determine if it’s a good option for your organization.
  • Consultation: Receive detailed recommendations about how to address a challenge you are facing utilizing the NetSuite system.
  • Configuration and/or Build-out: Work collaboratively with individuals who will help you configure your system. You will be expected to be involved in the configuration process and ideally you have considered the discovery and consulting component of a project before doing any configuration/build-outs to your system.

Nonprofit and social enterprise organizations should review the Social Impact Blueprint to determine where in your journey you might need pro bono support, select up to two projects (only one of them will be granted), and request a support option.

Suite Pro Bono is a competitive application process, and applications are fulfilled at the discretion of NetSuite. We are not always able to fulfill every pro bono request, but we do try our best to do so. See our FAQs page for more on this topic.

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How to Participate

  1. Nonprofits and social enterprises:
  2. NetSuite employees:
    • Complete an application indicating skills (both NetSuite-based and general), time available during the quarter, and type of support to provide—either by working with an organization directly or developing a permanent nonprofit resource.
  3. The Suite Pro Bono team reviews applications and matches organizations with NetSuite employees based on organizational needs, employee skills, and employee availability. Please note that not all project requests are granted, therefore the stronger the application, the better the chances of having a request awarded.
  4. The Suite Pro Bono team creates teams of 2-3 employees per project, and notifies both the organization and employees of the match.
  5. Once teams have been formed, NetSuite employees and recipient organizations take part in an online onboarding process.
  6. NetSuite employees and the organization point of contact arrange a kickoff call to meet one another and discuss the project.
  7. Teams meet virtually for weekly calls.
  8. Employees may spend up to 20 hours during the quarter working on a specific project (with their manager approval). The bulk of the project takes place during months two and three.
  9. At the end of the program, NetSuite employees log their participation hours and take part in a post-project survey.

Project Timing

Quarters Applications Due Project Work Timeline
1 Early June July, August
2 Early September October, November
3 Early December January, February
4 Early March April, May

Case Studies of Pro Bono Projects

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