Employees receive up to 20 hours per quarter to assist a nonprofit or social enterprise with their use of NetSuite’s technologies.

About the Program

NetSuite’s Pro Bono program matches the professional skills of our passionate employees with the needs of nonprofits and social enterprises who are using NetSuite’s technologies.

The program’s goals are three pronged;

  1. Providing skill and expertise to our software donation recipients
  2. Developing our employee’s professional skills
  3. Building camaraderie among employees.

Employees receive up to 20 hours per quarter to assist a nonprofit or social enterprises with their use of NetSuite’s technologies.

Pro Bono Project Offerings

Nonprofits and social enterprises use NetSuite to help manage their financials, connect with donors, and more. Employees help organizations take their usage of NetSuite to the next level with pro bono support. By helping organizations better utilize NetSuite, organizations can focus more time and human support on accomplishing their mission.

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How Does a Pro Bono Project Work?

  1. Nonprofits and social enterprises review the types of projects offered and apply for a project that meets their organization’s needs.
  2. NetSuite employees apply to work on pro bono projects based on their skills and interest level.
  3. A team of NetSuite experts review applications and match organizations to NetSuite employees based on the organization’s needs and the professional experience of the employee. Please note that not all project requests are granted, therefore the stronger the application, the better the chances of having a request awarded.
  4. Once teams have been formed, NetSuite employees and recipient organizations take part in a virtual onboarding.
  5. The team (NetSuite employees and organization point of contact) will have kickoff call to meet one another and discuss the project.
  6. Teams meet virtually for weekly calls.
  7. Employees spend up to 20 hours during the quarter working with the organization on their specific project. The bulk of the project takes place during months two and three.
  8. At the end of the program, NetSuite employees log their participation hours and take part in a post project survey.

Project Timing

Q1: Applications due in early June. Project work takes place in July and August.

Q2: Applications due early September. Project work takes place October and November.

Q3: Applications due early December. Project work takes place January and February.

Q4: Applications due early March. Project work takes place April and May.

How to Participate

  1. At the beginning of each quarter, the NetSuite Pro Bono team will send an email to employees and organizations with application details.
  2. Employees and organizations select the project they would like and apply online.
  3. The NetSuite Pro Bono team reviews applications, determines which employees and organizations have been accepted, then matches employees to a nonprofit or social enterprise and notifies all individuals.

The Pro Bono program application period is currently open.

Organizations, click here to apply.

For questions about the program, email probono@netsuite.com.

Case Studies of Pro Bono Projects

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