Financials Accelerated

Financials Accelerated is a 12-week online course for eligible US nonprofits under $2 million in annual revenue that wish to self-implement NetSuite basic financials first. It is designed to support new software donation recipients as they onboard. The course includes peer learning elements for our US Social Impact Nonprofit customers to implement their basic financials using our pre-configured option based on our leading practices.

Check out the Financials Accelerated data sheet for more information.

About the Program

Eligible US Social Impact nonprofit customers (under $2 million in annual revenue) are invited to participate in an upcoming Financials Accelerated cohort once they have completed an alignment call to determine eligibility and fit for the program. Our cohorts of five or more participating organizations proceed through a 12-week pre-designed program to personalize their NetSuite instances and prepare to go live on the NetSuite platform on the assigned date.

The Financials Accelerated program learning environment includes:

  • The Financials Accelerated online course, including weekly videos, materials and quizzes
  • The Financials Accelerated online user group, located within NetSuite’s User Community
  • Weekly Open Q&A calls to answer questions
  • Supportive individual assistance through our Suite Pro Bono program

Financials Accelerated participants must commit to:

  • Participation in the program for its duration
  • A minimum of two individuals within the organization who are ready and willing to learn how to use NetSuite
  • Going live with NetSuite on the designated go-live date
  • Downloading materials, viewing videos, completing homework, and completing quizzes in a timely manner
  • Completing weekly homework within their own instance of NetSuite, typically an additional four to 12 hours weekly
  • Participating in Open Q&A calls and other cohort learning opportunities as needed
  • Conforming to the leading nonprofit practices and established structure and processes within the pre-configured bundle

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