Suite Capacity

Suite Capacity builds the technology skills of NetSuite Social Impact customers by providing a variety of resources designed to help organizations use software donations more effectively. Suite Capacity’s goals are three-fold: support new software donation recipients as they onboard, help them better utilize NetSuite to achieve greater impact, and provide a lifetime of learning opportunities for users as they grow in their use of the platform.

Nonprofit organizations that receive a NetSuite software donation can apply to participate in learning cohorts and online learning opportunities, focused on building confidence, skills and success.

A featured Suite Capacity resource for US Social Impact nonprofits under $2 million in annual revenue is Financials Accelerated, focused on helping implement basic financials. Financials Accelerated is an online learning course with supportive peer learning features. Qualified US Social Impact organizations participate in a Financials Accelerated course as a cohort, setting up their basic financials and going live with NetSuite in 12 weeks. For more information, visit Financials Accelerated.

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