Systems Administrator—Openstack
Req 6368
San Mateo, Calif.

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At NetSuite, we believe the cloud is here to stay and so do our more than 24,000 companies and subsidiaries. We believe businesses should not be bogged down by the overhead of bulky data centers and expensive personnel to run it all. Businesses need to be lean, efficient and agile. NetSuite is literally transforming business around the globe by providing a cloud-based, unified system that delivers unprecedented capabilities to drive business forward. Founded in 1998 as THE cloud ERP pioneer, today NetSuite has transformed the business operations of our customers without the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems.

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At NetSuite we work hard and we work smart. We hire fierce competitors. We hire individuals that are fearless trail blazers. NetSuite employees take the hill, we prefer action over inaction, we are tireless in our mission and we pause only to celebrate our success. And we DO celebrate, because if you don’t have fun along the way, then what’s the point?

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This position is for a Systems Administrator in the Engineering Operations group. The employee will have work assignments related to the management, automation, and expansion of our cloud environment. This role will include planning, developing, and implementing a virtualized private cloud. Experience with OpenStack and other virtualization technologies a must. This employee will be part of an on-call 24x7 rotation.


  • Evaluate, install, debug, audit, maintain, and document a private cloud.
  • Manage the OS test, release, and deployment process.
  • Create and maintain server and application monitoring.
  • Automate configuration, monitoring, and asserting the state of production servers and storage through a template / image architecture.
  • Participate in a Change Management environment with the Operations technical team.
  • Be a part of an on-call rotation that does 24x7 monitoring, and be accessible via cell phone.
  • Take training courses that align with corporate objectives to bridge skill gaps and learn new relevant technologies.
  • Be able to work, collaborate, and communicate well in a team-based environment.


  • Strong knowledge and experience in scripting, automation, and architecture in large production server environments.
  • Strong knowledge of OpenStack, working knowledge of other virtualization platforms (Oracle VM, VMWare, Hyper-v, etc…).
  • Thorough knowledge of UNIX systems and solutions, familiarity with the Microsoft server stack.
  • Ability to plan, document, install and effectively implement complex server software across heterogeneous server environments.
  • Ability to diagnose server problems effectively to resolve issues.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and logically, both written and verbally, within a passionate technical team.
  • Ability to set goals and execute.
  • Ability to multitask.

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