Global Manufacturer Growing at 100% With NetSuite OneWorld

"We wanted to be able to get our business systems right the first time, before we get so big that change is too difficult. We've got that with NetSuite, and without having to bring in large, expensive, and time-consuming enterprise software."

—David Duff, CFO, Xtellus


  • Fully integrated business processes helping Xtellus achieve 100% annual growth
  • NetSuite OneWorld multi-subsidiary, multi-currency features helping consolidate financial reporting
  • NetSuite SDN partner MRP solution improves inventory management, supply chain performance.


  • Limited IT software couldn't handle company's fast growth
  • Business operations, accounting slowed by inability to consolidate information from global manufacturing and sales processes
  • Complexities of custom-built telecommunications products were causing supply-chain bottlenecks.


  • NetSuite OneWorld integrates information from Israel and South Korea with company headquarters
  • NetSuite Manufacturing Edition developed fine-grain MRP system to cope with complexities of sourcing and manufacturing of custom products.

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