NetSuite Helps WSI Process 7,000 Leads Per Month With Just 35 Sales People

"We can be agile, and change ad campaigns quickly from one portal to another. The result is our conversion rates are consistently better than the industry average, and NetSuite plays a large role in that success."

—Nick Lattanzio, Director, Sales & Marketing, WSI


  • Automated lead-processing and prospect qualification helps WSI process 7,000 leads per month with just 35 sales people
  • Reports on site performance and customer behavior let WSI target the best prospects for a higher-than-average lead-to-sale conversion rate
  • KPI reporting features helps manage ad campaigns and best use of marketing dollars by measuring lead conversion per sources
  • NetSuite capacity for high-volume processing and customer analytics helping WSI open new markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia.


  • 15-year-old Internet marketing agency with 1,500 franchises in 87 countries had in-house ad campaign software too expensive to maintain
  • In-house CRM system not cost effective to keep developing and maintain
  • Proliferation, dynamic nature of new Internet advertising channels made it difficult to measure and maximize advertising impact.


  • Implemented NetSuite CRM; chose over and FranConnect Inc.
  • NetSuite helps WSI achieve same-day response to high-priority leads.

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