NetSuite OneWorld Seamlessly Integrates GLs of TradeCard's Five International Subsidiaries

"NetSuite was the perfect partner to help us clean house, and it is a huge improvement in visibility and SOX compliance to have our books on a single system."

—Nestor Zwyhun, Chief Technology Officer, TradeCard Inc.


  • Eliminated hardware and software support contracts and one-half full-time employee
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance contracts have been dropped
  • Converted data processors to true business analysts
  • Optimized resource utilization and gained clarity into customer profitability.


  • Fast-growing global supply chain company kept adding wide-ranging, disparate point solutions
  • Several full-time employees tied up in data processing tasks.
  • Limited data on professional services availability or client engagement profitability.


  • NetSuite OneWorld seamlessly integrates GLs of the five international subsidiaries, each with own currency
  • Huge improvement in visibility and SOX compliance to have books on single system
  • Acts as a business intelligence tool allowing drill-down into specific patterns of transactions between customers
  • NetSuite Professional Services helped TradecCard create full-fledged NetSuite administrators worldwide — from Hong Kong to Taiwan to Sri Lanka
  • Partner Center building closer relationships with customers.

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