NetSuite Helps Recent Startup Take Advantage of Growing Customer Base

"We had a ready-made customer base because we took over distribution rights from another company, but we had trouble coordinating sales between phone orders and our store. NetSuite changed all that, and has given us the ability to leverage our existing base and to get new customers at the same time."

—Sweet Squared


  • Sweet Squared can now support multi-channel sales growth, thanks to integrated inventory management, point-of-sale processes
  • Company is saving 20 hours per month through reductions in senior managers' administrative workload
  • Better business visibility helps managers spot key trends, make better business decisions
  • Improved financial and purchasing reports have greatly reduced over- and under-stocking
  • Adding new web-based Ecommerce will expand sales hours, opportunities
  • Stock re-ordering is more accurate and efficient, helping improve business performance
  • Sweet Squared's management team now has global access to information, regardless of geography
  • Ability to correlate sales promotions with sales is helping marketers target new business more effectively.


  • Fragmented business software and processes made it difficult for professional beauty-products distributor to ramp up to large potential customer base
  • Mishandled orders and customer disappointments resulted from lack of integration between inventory database and phone/wholesale-outlet point-of-sale systems
  • Lack of sales-channel integration discouraged Sweet Squared from adding web sales to existing phone-order and wholesale-outlet, which limited the company's ability to win new customers
  • Complex matrix pricing of 3,000 SKUs and multiple customer-pricing levels added to complexity of sales-channel integration.


  • Sweet Squared brought in NetSuite to integrate sales, marketing, accounting, and inventory management processes
  • NetSuite Professional Services helped perform the implementation
  • Multi-channel integration has allowed Sweet Squared to plan for a new web-based Ecommerce channel, which will make it easier for professional beauticians—who work during the day—to make off-hours purchases.

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