NetSuite OpenAir Helps IT Consultants Improve Resource, Profitability Forecasts

"The system illustrates a true understanding of project profitability. NetSuite OpenAir's current and historical costing and pinpoint time and expense tracking provides the foundation for accurate and reliable profitability calculations."



  • NetSuite OpenAir's automated costing, pricing, and profitability-forecasting capabilities help Stonebridge deliver projects on time and within budget
  • Process automation helped Stonebridge improve its revenue and resource forecasts by eliminating timesheet input errors and delays
  • Role-based dashboards let executives create their own reports, removing the burden from project managers
  • Real-time identification of project issues helps Stonebridge resolve problems faster and more effectively than before
  • NetSuite OpenAir's intuitive user interface lets employees tailor processes to their specific needs


  • Manual processes made it difficult for the IT consulting company to forecast resource utilization or project profitability
  • Time-tracking accuracy suffered because of consultants' reluctance to enter their time consistently
  • Vacation tracking was tedious and error-prone, leading to inaccurate resource forecasts
  • Executives depended on project managers to create reports, adding to project managers' administrative workloads


  • Stonebridge knows that its forecasts are accurate because planned hours now closely match actual hours for projects
  • Because of the high quality and accuracy of NetSuite OpenAir's project data, Stonebridge is able to feed it directly into its general ledger application

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