NetSuite OpenAir Helps State Agency Streamline Compliance Reporting

"NetSuite OpenAir has cut out considerable overhead maintenance and has made billing virtually painless, which has helped us streamline the way we do business."

—Secretary of State Office


  • Integrated, automated billing and timesheet processes have brought speed, simplicity, and accuracy to the Secretary of State Office's reporting and compliance requirements
  • Timesheet calculations are available instantly for reporting, and figures sent to the organization's central mainframe don't run the accuracy risks of manual data re-entry
  • The Office now uses real-time data to track resource utilization and forecast utilization months ahead, which greatly improves productivity
  • Web-based access has eliminated the connectivity problems of the previous system
  • Robust billing processes now make it possible for different clients to have custom, project-based billing rates


  • Combination of limited software and spreadsheets made it difficult for the Office to keep up with stringent government compliance regulations
  • Networks were unreliable, causing frequent disconnects for remote users
  • Employee time and expense reporting was slow and risked inaccuracies, so figures had to be re-checked, which reduced productivity
  • Inflexible record-keeping processes were challenged by multiple billing schedules and several different employee time-keeping added complexity to record-keeping processes


  • The Office replaced Visual Practice Management with NetSuite OpenAir
  • Ease of operation helped Office employees get up to speed quickly and with minimum training
  • Project templates help simplify report creation, and role-based dashboards present relevant metrics clearly and concisely

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