NetSuite Helps SQL*Wizard Become Globally Competitive

"When you're an IT consultant your customers expect you to have an exemplary in-house system and ours was anything but. NetSuite gave us a way to streamline our internal processes and automate functions that had been performed manually, so we will be prepared for growth and expansion."



  • NetSuite has helped company increase customer case management by 50% over old system
  • Improved service and billing accuracy has boosted customer satisfaction
  • Timesheet automation is helping company save $3,000 per year in administrative costs
  • Project managers are able to maximize resource utilization thanks to detailed, timely timesheets
  • Localized functionality enables the finance group to comply with regulatory requirements within the system


  • Company wanted to expand globally and transition from product sales to consulting services, but it was held back by administrative inefficiencies
  • Lack of critical functions, such as customer case management, limited company's ability to grow
  • Client billings were inaccurate because consultant timesheets didn't detail actual tasks performed


  • Replaced on-premise applications with NetSuite
  • Implemented NetSuite to handle all backend processes for sales, consulting and finance
  • Cloud architecture allows for remote access, which helps prepare for global expansion into North America, Europe, and Australia
  • ERP functionality is localized for the accounting rules and statutory and regulatory requirements of the Philippine market

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