NetSuite OpenAir Helps Consulting Firm Grow to $18,000,000—More than Doubling in Size

"Today we send out accurate invoices. Issues are fixed well before they get to the client, and everything that is approved—including what can be very complex expenses—goes onto the invoice."

—Smartdog Services


  • NSOA has helped Smartdog Services increase revenue from $8,000,000 to $18,000,000
  • With integrated time and expense reporting, company consultants now maintain an 80–90% utilization rate
  • Time spent managing the PSA system by the company's COO/VP has dropped from 80% to 20%
  • Flexible, granular billing rules help Smartdog Services maintain accuracy of allowable expenses, which can vary from client to client
  • NetSuite OpenAir's ability to calculate more than 100 billing rates maximizes Smartdog Services' ability to staff projects with appropriate consultants and serve customers immediately, thus speeding up customer payment cycles
  • Smartdog Services has now rolled out SmartDog, an Oracle users' multi-service site


  • Smartdog Services' growth potential was reduced because of inadequate services-automation software
  • The company was unable to roll out innovative new service offerings because of limitations in management forecasting, billing for projects and tasks, correct billing rates, different time and expense variables
  • Keeping professional-services data accurate and synchronized was nearly a full time job for the company's COO/VP of professional services


  • Smartdog Services' brought in NetSuite OpenAir to replace QuickArrow PSA, which had helped the company advance from spreadsheets and manual processes
  • The company COO and VP of Professional Services oversaw the QuickArrow installation, and so had become the default expert, requiring him to put more and more time into managing the system

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