Skincare Maker Saving $100,000 Yearly vs. Cost of On-premise IT While Maintaining Growth in US and New Global Markets

"We came from both the technology and spa industries and we knew we'd need top-quality products and service to succeed in this competitive business. NetSuite helps us do just that. Our business runs so efficiently that we can be profitable even while we feature extraordinary customer service."

—Ted Hilling, Founder, Skin Authority


  • Saving $100,000 per year over cost of premise-based servers and IT infrastructure while maintaining steady growth in US and new global markets
  • Advanced inventory module and threshold alerts help maximize customer satisfaction through on-time product deliveries
  • Integration of Ecommerce, inventory, and customer information helps create special promotions quickly in response to sluggish product sales
  • Role-based dashboards give mgmt. real-time visibility into supplier performance
  • NetSuite CRM and Ecommerce track and manage on-line webinars and training sessions for professional and reseller partners.


  • Former spa-industry founders wanted to expand business beyond 5-star spa reseller customers — including the Ritz-Carlton chain – to reach consumers directly
  • Wanted to expand US business to Japan, UK, Canada, and Mexico
  • Needed to track inventory closely, since component suppliers are in China and Korea.


  • Started company with NetSuite in 2003
  • Used NetSuite partner Gproxy Design for adding functionality to website
  • Now managing numerous customer touchpoints, including 24-hour personal coaching feature
  • Plan to use NetSuite OneWorld's multiple-subsidiary function to manage international businesses as they grow larger.

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