NetSuite OpenAir Helps Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm Improve Service Delivery, Prepare for Growth, and Boost Profitability

"Our employees are working on thousands of tasks each month, but we were unable to see exactly what they were doing day to day or to project the total cost of a project, until the end of the month. NetSuite OpenAir SRP has turned that completely around—now we can drill into any KPI on the dashboard and get real-time detail. Could we do all this without NetSuite OpenAir SRP? Sure—if we had 48 hours in a day."

—Rose Financial Services


  • The company has improved on-time project delivery by 15%, and cut overall administrative workload by about 50%. We have estimated our savings at $100,000 yearly over a non-NetSuite implementation
  • Integration between NetSuite and OpenAir has helped Rose Financial speed up monthly invoice preparation by as much as four days
  • It now takes Rose Financial less than 24 hours to complete a formal new-business proposal compared to 3 to 5 days previously
  • The company's ability to produce more granular sales proposals has helped reduce the average sales cycle by 75% to 90%
  • More granular reporting also helps Rose Financial identify relevant additional services to provide that add value to their clients
  • NetSuite OpenAir helps Rose Financial save one day per month of administrative time by building self-service hot links into invoices that clients can open to see detailed cost summaries displayed in client-friendly formats
  • Potential budget overruns are now caught within a day, where previously it could take up to two weeks
  • Integration between OpenAir and NetSuite allows project managers to plan resource assignments while a new sale is still in the pipeline; previously they had to wait for the order to be completed
  • Customer satisfaction regularly wins top honors in 3rd party as well as in-house surveys


  • Combinations of disparate software and spreadsheets prevented this dynamic finance and accounting outsourcing company from taking advantage of growth opportunities by hindering its ability to monitor and manage complex task assignments in a time efficient manner
  • Tracking project tasks was difficult because a single client could have 80 to 100 open tasks at any given time, and tasks were frequently changing monthly
  • Managers lacked visibility into task status, causing difficulty in making mid-month adjustments to workloads in order to meet client budgetary expectations
  • Rose Financial risked loss of new business because it could take up to 5 days to assemble a detailed new-business proposal


  • The company performed a multi-stage integration of NetSuite and OpenAir to create an end-to-end Services Resource Planning (SRP) architecture
  • Rose Financial's integrated SRP architecture lets users employ single sign on and view any project from either application
  • Rose Financial uses NetSuite's campaigns and sources function to help focus new-business activities by tracking conversion rates among the company's various marketing programs

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