Manufacturing/Distribution Company Turns to the Cloud to Support Growth while Reducing Costs

"We use NetSuite for absolutely everything and the productivity savings since switching have been huge. To achieve the same results without NetSuite would have meant hiring at least two new employees."

—Lea Walters, Administration Manager, R.O. Arnold


  • OneWorld allows key areas of the business to operate as individual entities
  • NetSuite gives each specific department within the business its own set of KPIs through real-time dashboards, which display appropriate information for each individual division and user
  • Automated processes have eliminated administrative burden and saved the equivalent workload of at least two new employees
  • NetSuite has enabled more integrated and streamlined end-to-end processes, from point of sale through to delivery and invoicing.


  • Management of three separate divisions (trade, contract and retail), each in different locations, with specific departments and individual requirements
  • An urgent need to replace single server set-up with limited licenses
  • Employees are frequently out of the office, so required a solution for them to function productively on the move.


  • Replaced outdated, bespoke product with NetSuite OneWorld
  • Web integration, automated reporting and back-up enable smoother business practices and better preparation for potential issues
  • No longer have to invest in or maintain on-premise hardware or architecture other than ensuring internet connectivity
  • Instant access to the system via any internet connection and the NetSuite iPhone application—especially important in driving productivity of mobile workers.

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