Pharmacy Software Company Saving $300,000 with NetSuite, Growing 25% per Year

"We couldn't live without it. We would never have been able to grow the way we've grown without NetSuite. NetSuite's integration and ease of use let us hire the best talent we could find to work remotely. They love it, and we love it because it's saving us money and helping us grow at the same time."

—Brad Jones, CEO, Retail Management Solutions


  • Saved more than $125,000 over the cost of a hosted IT system
  • Saving more than $150,000 annually on personnel while growing at 25% per year
  • Integrated UPS shipping module helps RMS save $10,000 per month
  • Revenue from existing customers grew by 50% in one year
  • It takes just one person to handle the entire accounts payable department
  • NetSuite remote-access convenience helping company hire industry's best professionals to work remotely.


  • Pharmacy software company responding to fast market growth
  • Need to hire geographically dispersed top talent to take advantage of growth
  • Want to project professional image — necessary for startup in pharmacy industry
  • Need to improve efficiency over fragmented IT systems.


  • Replaced Siebel/Upshot, Peachtree software with NetSuite
  • Workflows now automate order processing, inventory, accounting, and other administrative processes
  • Integrated customer information helps improve customer support, up-selling and cross-selling.

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