NetSuite OpenAir Brings Consistent Time, Billing Processes to Law Firm Alliance

"With our ever-changing staff needs, we needed a solution that wouldn't trap us with rigid subscription terms. NetSuite OpenAir provided that solution."

—Red Mountain Law


  • NeSuite OpenAir is helping Red Mountain save money and boost attorney utilization through streamlined business processes and cloud-computing cost efficiencies
  • Attorney collaboration is optimized because each firm has real-time visibility into all attorney activities
  • Integrated, automated time and billing processes are helping Red Mountain save time and costs of multi-office invoice processing
  • Automated time tracking lets Red Mountain identify dead time and calculate precisely how each attorney is performing


  • Lack of centralized, consistent time and billing processes was preventing Red Mountain's alliance of law firms from maximizing performance
  • Each firm had unique filing and resource management processes, as well as varieties of billing rates and policies
  • Manually consolidating the offices' information for billings was tedious, wasting time and money
  • Attorney collaboration suffered because of the difficulties in forecasting resource availability


  • Red Mountain realized immediately that server-based software would be cost-prohibitive for multiple offices
  • Attorneys' time is optimized because they can now log online from any Internet connection
  • NetSuite OpenAir's seamless billing rules have helped Red Mountain automate invoice calculations

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