Porthos Wine Ventures Grows Boutique Wine Distributorship 5x with NetSuite

"NetSuite is an excellent business backbone that has enabled us to grow our sales almost five times—there's no way we could manage our company and cash flow without NetSuite. It's a solution that's all under one roof and that’s critical for us."

—Porthos Wine Ventures


  • Porthos has grown revenue 5x since implementing NetSuite in 2005, serving thousands of discriminating wine connoisseurs around the world with rare vintages and personalized recommendations
  • The small company reduced inventory costs by $100,000 in 2012 by utilizing NetSuite inventory management capabilities to optimize inventory, e.g., avoid overstock and identify aging wines ideal for promotion
  • NetSuite integration with UPS improves order fulfillment efficiency with real-time shipping rates, automated shipment label generation, and delivery tracking and confirmation
  • NetSuite CRM enables customer segmentation generating sizable revenue gains and building loyalty among clientele


  • Supplier ordering and inventory management using Excel was time-consuming and error-prone and hindered the company's growth potential
  • Lack of integration between QuickBooks and Excel made it difficult to coordinate inventory, sales and accounting and complicated monthly financial close
  • Poor visibility into costs and revenues resulted in unnecessary inventory and other expenses and missed revenue opportunities


  • Porthos deployed NetSuite as a central "hub" to manage integrated core business operations
  • NetSuite bin and inventory management enables staff to rapidly locate wine bottles in the warehouse to speed fulfillment and increase customer satisfaction
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce provides a dynamic ecommerce webstore seamlessly integrated with inventory and warehousing, accounting, order management and CRM

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