Paper-Net Boosts Productivity 2x and Grows B2B Commerce Business Atop NetSuite and SuiteCommerce

"It was a little scary to move to something new online, but going with NetSuite was one of the best decisions we ever made. We have real-time visibility into all aspects of our operations and I’m totally confident in the accuracy of our data. Our productivity has increased at least two-fold, and that’s outstanding."



  • Paper-Net saves four FTEs in sales, accounting, IT, order management and customer support with NetSuite’s unified solution compared to alternative approach
  • Productivity increased 2x since NetSuite was installed in 2006 to replace limited QuickBooks system with automation and single data source
  • Implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce in 2010 contributed to a 2x increase in web orders for paper rolls, printers, toner and other POS consumables and 126% gain in ecommerce revenue
  • Website redesign led by NetSuite ecommerce services team drove large gains in unique visitors, average order value and customer retention with easier three-click reordering
  • New customer self-service, category and product presentations, cross-sell product recommendations, simplified shopping cart and email and newsletter marketing helped drive ecommerce success
  • NetSuite Order Management enables fast, accurate fulfillment from main California warehouse and eight U.S. distribution centers in a drop-ship model
  • B2B customers served has increased 35% to 5,500 since NetSuite implementation
  • Dashboards and saved searches slash time to access critical information and reduce time for such tasks as late payment notifications from hours to minutes
  • NetSuite supports fast, efficient procurement of roughly 800 SKUs from up to 20 vendors


  • Paper-Net’s efficiency and data accuracy was hurt by need to re-enter information across siloed accounting, sales, shipping and credit card processing systems
  • QuickBooks lacked scalability to support Paper-Net’s growth to more than 4,000 B2B customers across the U.S. and Canada
  • Subpar website and lack of robust customer self-service hindered customer retention efforts


  • NetSuite selected after comparison against Fishbowl as a single integrated solution for all key business processes
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce services team engaged for a website redesign based on SuiteCommerce, offering the value of a single solution and services vendor
  • Plans in the works to launch a mobile-optimized website atop the SuiteCommerce platform

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