NetSuite Helps Seasonal Photo Experience Provider Save Time, Boost Efficiency and Drive Sales

"With NetSuite, we can see customer, transaction, and inventory data in real time. We have put aside concerns about the next day and focus on our mission which is creating holiday magic."

—The Noerr Programs


  • Robust POS functionality and an intuitive user interface help Noerr enhance service and expand product offerings via 20 different picture-and-frame options, rather than just three with the previous systems.
  • Inventory-tracking and reporting saves each division and region manager 12 hours per week over previous system, and saves each set manager about 10 hours weekly over manually counting their end-of-day inventory.
  • Nightly sales reporting from holiday sets at more than 230 U.S. shopping malls reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes..
  • Noerr saves time and manpower by shifting from single-use spreadsheet to database reporting.
  • Access to detailed, up-to-date customer purchase information helps Noerr understand its customers to drive marketing engagement.
  • Noerr uses NetSuite built-in marketing tools to offer photo reprints through its online store and highlight upcoming local events to geographic customer segments.
  • Intuitive ease of use enables more than 2,500 temporary, seasonal on-site staffer to quickly master the system with minimal training.
  • Single set of detailed business information helps Noerr manage and grow relationships with shopping mall owners from which it rents space for seasonal photo sets.
  • NetSuite’s fixed-asset depreciation module lets Noerr save money by depreciating individual pieces of equipment; previously this task was assigned to a CPA firm.


  • Seasonal retailer needed integrated ERP and POS systems to handle robust growth in business during intense Christmas and Easter sales periods.
  • The Noerr Programs was unable to generate promotion-specific sales reports and track inventory status at more than 230 shopping mall sites across the U.S.
  • Sales were compromised by the limitations of electronic cash registers to support a large variety of picture-and-frame packaging options.
  • On-site personnel had to conduct lengthy, manual inventory checks of photo paper and other supplies used during the day.
  • The company wasn’t able to accurately gauge the effectiveness of specific marketing promotions because it lacked detailed customer data.


  • NetSuite was chosen following an extensive year-long evaluation that included SAP, Microsoft, Epicor, and others.
  • Because the on-site systems communicate with headquarters via cell phone networks, NetSuite POS'ability to store data locally was a key factor in product selection.
  • Also important were NetSuite’s abilities to support complex volume-pricing models used by Noerr for on-site photo and frame sales.
  • Integrated, centralized information gives Noerr detailed, per-transaction customer data that can be used in upselling, promotions and CRM.

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